Friday, July 10, 2009

Can Google OS shut down Windows

By: Subhadeep Bhattacharjee

Two months back it was Microsoft which challenged Google with its new search engine 'Bing'. Now its time for Google to return the favours to the Big Daddy of computing world. In a official blog the search engine giant has announced it will launch Google Chrome Operating System in the second half of 2010. The operating system is being designed from the ground up to run on the Chrome web browser on netbooks.

Google says the software architecture will basically be the current Chrome browser running inside a new windowing system on top of the good old Linux kernel. This literally means that the web will be be the Operating System. The search engine giant also claims that application will be develop by the users on the web. For example an useer would run a text processing application from the web instead of his system. Chrome OS will be lightweight and fast just like the browser itself.

Sounds all good but the question arises will Google Chrome OS be able to shut down Microsoft Windows which runs on more than 90% of the world computers? Experts differ on their opinion on the topic. Some say Chrome will be a huge challenge for Microsoft but others believe it will take a long time for somebody to topple Microsoft from the Operating Systems market as this is the core business for the company and it will not let it go that easily.

Google wants to cash in on the fact that Windows XP is 8 years old, and Vista is generally considered as a dud from Microsoft's stable. But there is a wild card Windows 7 which is all set for an early release and experts claims it has fixed the flaws of Vista. Microsoft claims Windows 7 will also offer a good netbook experience which Chrome is claiming to be its USP. Google will release the open source code for Chrome OS later this year and it won't be surprising Windows 7 is also launched at the same time.

One more thing that needs to be kept in mind is that Chrome OS will run as an web based application and stand alone PCs and Laptops without internet access will not be able to use it. Considering the low levels of internet penetration in emerging markets like India and China it is quite a risk that Google is taking in making its Operating System. Giants like Dell Computers have regretted ignoring India while strategizing their business earlier in the decade.

Certain things need to be kept in mind before singing praises for the Google Chrome OS. Google had launched the Android with much funfare but it hasn't lived upto the expectation many Google fans had. When Chrome browser was launched last year it got hold of 2% market share in the first two weeks but Mozilla Firefox still remains to be the preferred browser of the internet users. So it will be too early to predict if Google Chrome will be Windows Killer.

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