Friday, February 20, 2009

Another MMS scandal shocks the nation

In another shocking incident an MBA student in Noida sent out a video clip of his 23 year-old-girlfriend doing striptease for him to his classmates. The girl had allegedly refused to marry him. The clip has now become one of the hottest searches on the internet and is available on most MMS sites. The incident has reminded us of the DPS MMS scandal some years ago.

Now a chain of blame game will start from the educational institute to the person who invented camera phones, all will be blamed. Many 'custodians of culture' and 'over caring parents' will even demand the banning of camera phones and internet among ADULTS (at 23 these people were no youngster). Now the questions is technology to be blamed here?

No Sir, technology is for use and not for abuse. The culprit here are two individuals and not the entire students community. I don't want to sound like an anti-feminist but I blame the girl more here for her act. Was stripping the only option left for her to express love towards her boyfriend? Now the guy will surely be booked under cyber crime and other acts of the IPC but for the girl she had already been booked under shame and disgrace.

Being born in India the girl would have surely heard the phrase “for a woman her honour is her most precious ornament” but modernity has made many of us insane. The girl in question is just another example. She was the first custodian of her honour and dignity but she didn't care enough for it. Had this same girl been manhandled on the road the entire government and the police would have been blamed. Can the government or the police protect the honour of such individuals?

The point is police and the government are not always responsible for our sufferings. We individuals should me more responsible for ourselves before pointing the figure at the government. Many of us should shed away lifestyle which invites trouble in the name of modernity.

It is very important to evolve both culturally and socially but the pace for such things have to be set right. The society is no culprit for the shameless act of two individuals. They have just abused both technology and their freedom. To be honest the society is biased towards the darker sex so woman need to put in that extra effort not to invite trouble.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kolkata gets country's first elevated rail transit system

Now reading this headline many people might jump of this seat in disbelief. Kolkata is it? The capital of West Bengal? Isn't it the same state which chased away the Tatas? A Rs 60 billion project in Kolkata is the Government nuts? How is it that a dying city like Kolkata which already has the country's oldest metro can get an elevated rail transit system?

The reason is simple Kolkata needs a mass public transport system and secondly Kolkata can sustain a elevated light rail transit system. It may surprise many people across the country but Kolkata had got its Metro in the days of what we call as the 'Licence Raj' and the first trains began running in the year 1984 much before the today's IT, BT and MBA kids had learned to speak.

The hurdle for a such a project in any other state in India will lie outside it but in West Bengal it is within. There is a huge amount of insensitivity among a certain sect of politicians who want to make political gains at the cost of the State's development. Opportunistic politics is currently ruling over developmental politics the policies and program of such parties

The Singur fiasco was a shameful example how politics prevented a respected corporate like Tata rolling out its People's car from the state. What a day it would have been for the state which is starved of industrialisation. But for one party and its leadership the state lost a golden opportunity to re-establish its place among the developed states and regain its past glory.

As I type my blog an insane opposition in West Bengal may be already planning its next course of agitation to halt this project for the sake of fame and media coverage. The may already have the roadmap of the places where tyres will be burnt and buses will be torched. Hopefully this time around some sense prevails among such leaders. The state which has a visionary Chief Minister just needs people to stand behind him.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Should Dada do political Dadagiri?

Sourav Ganguly might have bidden adieu to international cricket but people outside the game still seem to admire his leadership skills. West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee has always tried to create a poster boy out of Sourav Ganguly and now the Samajwadi Party leaders want him to contest elections form Uttar Pradesh.

Sourav for now has made it clear that he is still busy with his cricketing commitments and not joining any party. Known to be straight talker throughout his life, he said that he doesn't need to go to any other state to fight an election. If ever he steps into politics it will be in West Bengal itself. So the question arises should Dada join politics?

Well the answer has to be affirmative. If he has any interests in politics he should give it a go in the near future. He has a huge experience having travelled all over the world which could come in handy in bringing about a change in a state starving for development. He is the biggest brand ambassador that Bengal still has and this may be useful in bringing in investments to the state.

Now the big question arises which side should Sourav go to in case he wishes to join politics. Lets see where he cannot go first. On top of the list is Trinamool Congress, after the Singur drama a person like Sourav who has seen the world cannot be in company of such insane people. Congress and BJP do not exist in Bengal so joining them would serve no purpose. So what is Sourav's political option in the event he wishes to join politics.

The only existing political option for him is the Left Front often blamed for the underdevelopment of West Bengal. The reason I say this despite being an Non-Leftist is only because they have a visionary and forward looking Chief Minister in Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee. Or else Sourav can form his own party considering the appeal he has. But history has always shown us such parties hardly make an impact to the political scene as they slowly get crushed under the larger political force.

Critics might argue that being a leader on the cricket ground doesn't make sure one will be a good political leader. True, but it doesn't even guarantee that he cannot be a good political leader. Sourav has mass appeal over the people of West Bengal and can shape public opinion to bring in much needed development. After all no body can raise a finger on his leadership skills.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lalu has stretched the infrastructure too far

In the last five years of the UPA (United Progressive Alliance) government perhaps the biggest surprise has been the performance of Lalu Prasad Yadav in the Railway Ministry. A person who was synonymous with corruption, law and order problems and underdevelopment in Bihar has turned the Indian Railways into a profit making organization in just one terms as the Railway Minister.

To question Lalu's performance as a Railway Minister would be suicidal. He has brought back people's confidence in the Indian Railways. This has been a huge achievement as under Mamata Banerjee the railways had almost come to a halt. Had it not been for the timely correction done by Nitish Kumar in the later stages of the NDA rule the Indian Railways would have have still been incurring losses.

Lalu has done the unthinkable by reducing the passenger fares and freight rates yet making profits. The only way it has been possible is by increasing the load capacity both in terms of passengers and freight and more so in the case of the latter. This has made sure that cost of transportation per kilogram of goods and per person has reduced yet the increase in volume has brought in profit in both the cases.

But the extra load has taken a toll on the infrastructure of the railways. The bulk of the tracks of the Indian Railways were laid in the British era and not designed to take the weight they carry today. This has created a situation of disaster waiting to happen in most parts of the country. The recent Coremandal Express derailment in Orissa was one such example where the fish plates just gave ofd under the load.

Looking from the commoners perspective Lalu has done a great job in the Railway Ministry by giving monetary benefits to the passengers and business houses. But he has created a bigger problem of track and infrastructure safety which cannot be ignored either. The coming government will have to focus on the infrastructure of the Railways if they want the lifeline of the country to be the safest mode of transport in the country.


Friday, February 13, 2009

The Interim Railway Budget

The dictionary meaning of the word 'Interim' is Serving during an intermediate interval of time but in the context of Indian politics is all about pleasing the ordinary citizens with some petty sops ahead of the elections. Lalu Prasad Yadav surely presented the Interim Railway Budget for the year 2009-10 keeping an eye on the upcoming General Elections.

Although the Bihar politician is credited with reviving the Indian Railways and making it a profit making body he dosent seem to trust his performance in the last five years. His interim budget was too much of a pleasing act. His introduction of 43 new trains (bulk of which will surely go to Bihar) is far ahead of his predecessor Nitish Kumar's 17 trains proposed in his Interim Budget of 2004-05.

Considering the current state of the economy and long list of pending projects many of the promises made in this budget were uncalled for. It may be mentioned that many of the trains proposed in the last budget like the 5901 Yeshwanthpur – Dibrugarh Express are yet to see their flag off and here our minister has already proposed 43 new trains.

Starting a new train has an estimated cost of 90-100 crores depending on the type of train. To flag off 43 new trains including some pending from the previous budgets will burn a hole in Indian Railways' pocket. True railways connect the length and breadth of the country but behind each project there needs to be good reasoning not just a populist stand.

Now a question arises are we Indians insane enough to be fooled by such things? The answer unfortunately seems to be 'yes' as in this country promise of colour television have got a government elected. Hopefully the promised trains have their flag off ans don't add up in the already long list of pending trains. Lalu did well as a Railway minister and could have trusted his performance.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

The fuss about Valentine's Day

14 February has become synonymous with violence every year. There is a certain group of people fuelled by their own definition of culture who in the name of protecting it would resort to any amount of violence. On the other hand a huge chunk of people inspired by certain international trends feel it is the only day in the calender to express their love to their partners.

In a country struggling to eradicate poverty, prostitution and countering terrorism too much of attention is being given to the so called 'Day of Love'. The protesters want to draw political mileage out of the entire issue in the name of culture. The people celebrating days like these want to prove that we Indians are still fool enough to be victims of capitalism as such occasions makes sure that card and gift manufacturer smile their way to the bank.

Can the protesters deny the fact the Kamasutra was India's gift to the world? What is the culture that they are talking about? If they are talking about Hinduism then love is the core of the religion. We have always heard tales of Krishna flirting around with his Gopis. Can they run away from the fact that the 'Playboy' god was Hinduism's gift to mankind. They need to clear their stand whether they are against love or the day called 'Valentine's Day'

A possible solution to this could be celebrating the day on 'Janmasthmi' rather than on the Saint Valentine's Day. We cannot find a better day other than the day our very own Playboy Lord Krishna was born. This will ensure that the protesters cannot resort to violence in the name of Westernisation of India. At the same time the so called Lovers will have 'one day' allocated in the calender to express love even if rest 364 days have nothing to be in love about.

But this solution won't be accepted as our 'Lovers' won't find is 'COOL' enough. How can something Indian be 'COOL'? How can we not do what the Americans are doing? After all we are a country where the definition of being 'COOL' is eating out at McDonald's and watch Friends on TV.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Brothers in Arms

Every sports enthusiast in his childhood dreams of wearing the national colours and win a match for his nation from the jaws of defeat. When siblings are a part of the team they both dream of contributing to the team's success together. 10th Feb '09 may not go down as an exceptional day in cricket's history but it will surely be a day when two pairs of brothers snatched victory from the jaws of defeat in two different corners of the world.

It was Michel Hussey and David Hussey taking on the Kiwis and proving why Aussies have been a champion side for so long. Over the last few weeks a lot has been written and said about Ricky Ponting and his men. Their back to back losses against the Kiwis after the humiliating South Africa series had meant that many cricket pundits had written them off. But the Hussey brothers made sure that such people had egg on their face.

Later in the day it was the chance for the Pathan brothers Irfan and Yusuf to give the Sri Lankan team a shocker in the one off Twenty20 game in the Emerald Isle. The two brothers have hardly had the opportunity to play together at the international level as Irfan was struggling to get back in the team for quite a long time especially after Pathan Sr made it to the national side.

The victory also meant that India put their stamping authority on the cricket's newest and most exciting version. It proved that it was nothing short of a champion side. This sort of performance gives immense confidence to the youngsters and differentiates between a good a great team. Aussies have done it for a decade taken the game out of the opposition's hand and now India and South Africa seem to be shaping well in the trade.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Sleeping Race

By: Subhadeep Bhattacharjee

Talking about race doesn't necessarily mean I am a racist and when I am self critical about of my own race I shouldn't sound racist at all. Well the title of the blog might have given you a hint on whom am I talking about. Yes, I am talking about the 'Bengalis' or the 'Bongs' as the Y generation would like to call it. Its a race which has been on a long and uncertain sleep.

An analogy can been drawn between Bengalis and the West Indian cricket team. Like the Windies team of the 80s when we were at our peak nobody in India could take us on, but when we started falling apart we did not know how to come up again. There have always been the genius of Brian Laras and Courtney Walshs but somehow they haven't been enough to push the brand Bengal to the glorious position it once held.

Famous freedom fighter Gopal Krishna Gokhle had once said “What Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow.” As someone rightly put it in today's context reversing the order of the sentence would make more sense. To be honest the state and the city of Calcutta in particular has been let down but its self inflicted catastrophe, sense of denial and obsession with its glorious past.

Politics and a single party rule has been often been blamed for the state's misfortune. This thought has made sure that we kept on ignoring all other factors. Had the communists not taken over would Bengal been among the top five states in India? I say NO, the reason is Bengalis have been very good when it has come to art, literature, science and every possible profession other than BUSINESS. The gap between Bengal and other states actually widened in the post liberalisation era when the 'B' word became the way to move forward.

The complete ignorance of the Bengalis who have left the state has also hurt Bengal. From Huston to Manchester and from Bangalore to Delhi these people have always taken pride in having the hilsas and rosogollas but never cared to look back at Bengal. True, opportunities are less and obstacles many but ignoring the present state of affairs and blowing the trumpet of the glorious past no solution to Bengal's woes. We should be proud of Bose, Tagore and Satyajit Ray but we need more of this people right now.

Calcutta is often referred as the 'sinking ship' and which literally means the end of the story for many. This attitude of hopelessness has cost the city and the state. Let us rather refer to it as a ship in rough waters which can be steered back to a calmer dock. For that to happen a race has to wake up, it has to be self critical of its acts, it has to come out of the state of denial and most importantly separate emotions from politics. It may sound cliché but honestly change comes when there is hope and belief and we got to hope and we got to believe.


Monday, February 9, 2009

My first experience of a Tamil movie

It has been almost a year and a half that I have been in Bangalore and shared a room with two guys from Tamil Nadu. It has has been a very enriching experience in my life with the two techies. One of my room mates always insisted on me watching a Tamil movie for long since I was a student of media. Sometime back he told me he will take me for a movie not because it has Rajinikanth or Kamal Haasan in its cast but because it is by a critically acclaimed director Bala.

Now working in the entertainment section of a news portal I had got quite an insight into the Tamil film industry. There two things people down south are very good at. Firstly science and engineering and secondly they are all great movie buffs. Movie is a part of culture down south especially in Tamil Nadu. To cite an example Tamil industry has made two movies exceeding 100 Crore budget where as Bollywood is yet to clock that figure. Here Aishwarya gets paid Rs 6 crores for a movie and Katrina can charge Rs 2 crores for an item number.

So finally I was on my way to INOX to watch my first Tamil movie Naan Kadavul with my room mates. I had struck a deal with them that they will translate the movie to me although I knew it will be very difficult to do so. When the intro title started rolling in Tamil I was feeling quite out of place. I asked myself what am I doing here? But the opening shot of Kashi with a Hindi song in its background made me feel comfortable.

To my utter surprise about 40% of the dialogues were in Hindi as the movie was set initially out of Kashi where the protagonist was speaking most of his dialogues in our national language. What was funny was that many people sitting in the theatre were finding it hard to understand the dialogues in Hindi. I felt I was not the only one in the theatre who was having an issue with the language!

The movie had a superb screenplay and the story was unfolding at a good pace. The cinematography was just awesome especially some of the shots which were taken in the banks of Ganges in Kashi. In true cinematic sense the script was telling the story more with shots than with dialogue Isn't that what good cinema is all about? The movie ended with quite an unexpected and realistic manner unlike most of the Indian movies.

Overall it was great personal experience for me not because I watched a Tamil movie but because I tried my level best to understand the movie just through its visuals.


Friday, February 6, 2009

That's The Way Mahi Ve

They say leaders are of two kinds one who pushes and one who pulls but when you combine the best of both the combination becomes lethal. India's skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni seems to be of that lethal make. The reason I say this is not because of the nine ODI wins that he has achieved in a row but the way he has overhauled the entire team when some of the seniors have gone out.

There was not too long ago when people felt when Sachin Tendulkar, Saurav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid retire Indian cricket will be in a huge crisis. With his Goliath like image Sachin seems irreplaceable. True he is but fans around the country are also asking a question why doesn't Sachin drop down in the ODI batting order? Why don't the left and right combination of Gambhir and Sehwag do the Shree Ganesh of Indian batting in the 50 over version of the game?

These questions are no way intended towards asking Sachin to retire but state that Indian cricket has a bright future. The leadership seems to be in safe pair of hands. In just five years our very own Mahi has not only settled at the highest level but seems to be in total control. He is taking Indian cricket to greater heights on the solid base provided by Sourav Ganguly for the first half of the decade.

To put it into perspective Sourav Ganguly trained the team hard and made it battle ready. Dhoni is fighting and winning the battles around the world. Nothing to take away from our beloved Dada but Dhoni in his present pace seems to be on track to take the team far ahead of what Ganguly did. Isn't it what Dada would love to see, the team reaching new heights in world cricket?

The most notable thing about Dhoni is his calmness on the field in spite of sitting on world crickets hottest chair. He seems to be ice cold at the same time so involved in the game. He also commands the respect of both senior players and as well as the juniors. It may be mentioned that it was Sachin Tendulkar who had suggested Dhoni's name for the top job. The best moments of Indian cricket seems to be knocking the door.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

In the name of culture

As Valentine's Day approaches a group of self styled cultural protectors will take on lovers across the country in the name of protecting Indian culture. In a recent statement one such group Ram Sena has issued a warning that they will force the couple to marry if they are found dating on Valentine's Day. The Talibanization of India cannot be done in a better way.

Now the question arises who are these people to intrude into the private lives of the people? They may claim to be the protectors of Indian culture against its westernisation but are their actions in accordance with the vales of the Indian culture. When was it that Indian culture allowed people the right to hit woman? If something illegal happens why not go to the law enforcement agencies and report the matter? Who gives them the authority to do moral policing?

There are two ways of becoming the protectors of culture. First go to the grass root level and make people aware of the cultural values or force it onto people. To take the first step these protectors will need to themselves know the culture well but unfortunately most of them being illiterate cannot do so. Even if they know the culture well this route will mean a lot of hard work and very little political mileage which is their ultimate aim.

If these people really want to make India a more 'cultured nation' they should look into some other burning issues. They should try to prevent trafficking of woman and child prostitution. They should try to go and stop witch hunting, child marriage and honour killing. It is very easy for these people to get fame targeting youngsters in the streets of Mumbai or Mangalore with the television channels following them.

It is ironical that most of the steps taken in the name of culture are performed in the most uncultured manner. All these in the name of culture?


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Obama makes CEO's accountable

The Barack Obama administration is planning to cap the pay of the top executives before announcing the $700 billion financial bailout. Under this any company which seeks a bailout cannot pay more than $400,000 in total compensation to any of its top executives until it refunds the bailout money to the government. The logic applied by the Obama administration is simple, the tax payers money cannot be used to bail out companies whose top executives do not show any sense of responsibility.

There was an argument that it will have a negative effect in the industry with talented executives likely to stay from companies seeking bailout. Obama's chief economic adviser, Larry Summers has provided a solution that firms which plan to pay executives above the threshold can provide them with stocks which cannot be liquidated till the the time firm pays back the money to the government.

Taxpayers money in the form of loans at negligible interest rates cannot be given to allow CEO's to buy duplex apartments in Manhattan and chatter private jets. Jokes were running around that top CEO's would come in chattered jets to asking for a bailout. They would drink the most expensive wines and champagnes at regular parties which were never hit by recession.

It may come as a shock to many but in the past year when people were being fired from across sectors in the US a whopping $1.8 billion was pocketed by the top executives in the name of bonuses. Some of the people taking home this money included people from Lehman Brothers, Citi Group and AIG. How many job cuts took place at the executive levels to reduces loses? Well the answer is known to all.

So Obama's stand on the issue needs to be appreciated as he is willing to bail out the US economy but not by filling the pockets of CEO's with taxpayers money. Well it seems Obama is dynamic with the Presidency as he was with this Presidential Campaign.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Barack Obama's Bengal adventure

Barack Obama's mission to reach the world and his 'Yes We Can' slogan brings him to Calcutta. He comes with the CEO of Public Motors to set up a automobile plant in the Communist heartland of India. He decides to take a walk around the streets of Calcutta with Moti Basu and opposition leader Janata Banerjee.

Obama – Mr Basu its a pleasure to take a walk with you early morning. I have always heard about you since my childhood.

Moti Basu – What...You knew about me. I never thought I was so popular in America

Obama – Well you are Mr Basu. Americans always keep an eye on extreme development or extreme deterioration. You and your party have overhauled the 'City of Joy' into something the old time Britishers and Bengali intellectuals will cry if they see.

Moti Basu – No Mr Obama. We have just made sure that wealth is distributed equally across all sections of people. Its impossible to make everyone rich, so we closed down the industries and made sure everyone is poor and there is equality in the society.

Opposition leader Janata Banerjee walks in and greets Obama but ignores the presence of Moti Basu. In her trademark agitated tone she says.

Janata Banerjee – No he and his party have turned Kolkata into City of Khoy (Loss) and the City of Bhoy (Fear)

Obama – Well I can see that Calcutta opps Kolkata has lost some of its beauty.

Moti Basu- You can't say that we have graffiti all over the place to beautify our beloved city. The Britishers just left us plain white buildings we have added colour to them.

Janata Banerjee – I strongly object to that, these people paint all the walls and the bus stops with 'red' a sign of danger. We are left with walls and railway stations in the outskirts of the city. DO YOU GET THAT BARACK DA?

Obama – Well Ms Banerjee my ears are hurting. Why do you always scream at the top of your voice. Why can't you talk softly?

Janata Banerjee – That's a trade secret. When you have to make pointless arguments its better to scream to ensure that others are forced to listen. People are emotionally attached to people who scream rather than act intellects.

Just then a group protesters are passing shouting slogans against the government and the police. One of them turns towards Janata and says

Protector – Didi, by what time will you join us? We have already jammed the main road and set three state government buses on fire.

Janata Banerjee – Let me finish my appointment with Barack da, I will meet you in the grounds of the high school till then keep screaming. In the mean time make arrangements to burn tyres on the road.

The protester along with others leaves the place

Obama – What is this protest for Ms Banerjee?

Janata Banerjee – Nothing serious, its a daily ritual here in Bengal. A shopkeeper was selling a packet of cigarette to an under age boy when some intellects protested, The police rounded the shopkeeper and beat him up. We are protesting against that.

Obama – But that's a crime right? Selling cigarettes to under age people.

Janata Banerjee – I don't care about that. The shopkeeper is a person who votes for me and nobody can touch him whatever the reason may be. I am like his mother and have to safeguard his business.

Obama – By even going against the law?

Janata Banerjee – See that's the only source for income for the shopkeeper so he also has the right tor earn a living. The boy who was buying the cigarettes was from a affluent family so his parents can take care of him.

Obama – Ms Banerjee its easy to understand Mr Basu's party but not yours. They believe in one thing to oppose America and people like me and they do it pretty well. You seem to have no ideologies or logic behind most of your action. I failed to understand why you chased out the auto giant from Bandur.

Janata Banerjee – Well you are not a smart enough politician and not eligible for politics here in India. You missed my achievement in the entire issue.

Obama- What achievement? People seem to be disappointed with you

Janata BanerjeeThe auto giant going away was a loss for the educated youth who any ways don't vote for me. Secondly I have 10% seats in the assembly so we can't match up with the decibel level of Mr Basu's party in the assembly and this was a perfect platform for me to show my strength in the state politics.

Obama – Let me get it straight I have come here with a business plan to set up a automobile plant. We have seen some signs of development in the last five years under the leadership of Shuddhodeb and we consider this very encouraging.

Moti Basu Shuddho is like my son and that is why I vacated the seat of Chief Minister for him. But to tell you the truth many party colleagues don't like him. He is turning into a capitalist comrade now.

Janata can't take this and returns to her trademark screaming again.

Janata Banerjee – No there has been absolutely no development. Barack da where do you see the signs of development?

Obama – An American President leading a team of business leaders looking for investment in communist West Bengal is development I guess.

Moti Basu – But we can't allow you to set up any industry here.

Obama – But Mr Basu why?

Moti Basu – You are Americans and that's reason enough. We have always protested anything American from your industries to your joint military exercise with our forces.

Obama - But see times have changed I am the first 'black man' in White House. Moreover we now talk about some bit of regulations and restrictions in our economy after the financial turmoil So you can also change your stand against the Americans.

Moti Basu – No we can't, we won't and we ill not let anybody else do it. Do not ask me for a reason I don't have one.

Obama turns towards Janata Banerjee with some hope in his eyes

Obama – And you Ms Banerjee?

Janata Banerjee – Barack da we can't give you any land unless you pay the price similar to that of Manhattan. And all my party workers given the contracts to supply goods to your industries and paid leaves when I sit for protest against your automobile plant.

Obama - Anything else Ms Banerjee

Janata Banerjee – Yes you will get the land 200 kms south of Kolkata

Obama finally says to himself 'No We Can't' and decides to return home. Suddenly his cell phone rings and he gets a call from Gujarat CM Virendra Body who promises him a huge plot of land and other freebies. He says goodbye to West Bengal and files off for Ahmedabad.


Monday, February 2, 2009

Dhoni's gesture a great example of sportsmanship

Imagine this in a modern day ODI game a team is reeling 223 for 6 in the 45th over on a placid sub-continent pitch. Someone by the name of Mahendra Singh Dhoni walks away from the pitch after making a faint nick down the leg side. It seemed most likely the umpire Chris Broad had missed it and would never have raised his finger.

It was a gesture worth going in the history books of cricket. An great example of high level of integrity and sportsmanship. Dhoni's departure from the pitch seemed to signal the end of India's hopes in the game. But the result was like a poetic justice to Dhoni's gesture and India managed to win the match by a narrow margin of 15 runs.

This is a lesson for many senior cricketers in international cricket who would bring in disrepute to the game just for a win. Ricky Ponting and his men have regularly been found at the wrong side of honesty. They had brought the game to a low during last year's Sydney Test where the their unsportsmanlike behaviour had redefined the word 'cheating'.

Critics would say that its the job of the umpires to decide on the field. Well its a known truth but acts like this are so pleasant to the eyes of the audience. When the captain of a team which may loose the match leads by example it really seems like a 'Gentleman's Game'. Aren't these incidents a great lesson for youngsters who aspire to become cricketers themselves?

Team India's 'Captain Cool' has earned the applause of people around the world for his gesture. In his short career not only has a scaled many peaks but he has shown signs of being humble and grounded. Dhoni has again proved that cricket is still somewhat a 'Gentleman's Game'


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