Thursday, February 12, 2009

The fuss about Valentine's Day

14 February has become synonymous with violence every year. There is a certain group of people fuelled by their own definition of culture who in the name of protecting it would resort to any amount of violence. On the other hand a huge chunk of people inspired by certain international trends feel it is the only day in the calender to express their love to their partners.

In a country struggling to eradicate poverty, prostitution and countering terrorism too much of attention is being given to the so called 'Day of Love'. The protesters want to draw political mileage out of the entire issue in the name of culture. The people celebrating days like these want to prove that we Indians are still fool enough to be victims of capitalism as such occasions makes sure that card and gift manufacturer smile their way to the bank.

Can the protesters deny the fact the Kamasutra was India's gift to the world? What is the culture that they are talking about? If they are talking about Hinduism then love is the core of the religion. We have always heard tales of Krishna flirting around with his Gopis. Can they run away from the fact that the 'Playboy' god was Hinduism's gift to mankind. They need to clear their stand whether they are against love or the day called 'Valentine's Day'

A possible solution to this could be celebrating the day on 'Janmasthmi' rather than on the Saint Valentine's Day. We cannot find a better day other than the day our very own Playboy Lord Krishna was born. This will ensure that the protesters cannot resort to violence in the name of Westernisation of India. At the same time the so called Lovers will have 'one day' allocated in the calender to express love even if rest 364 days have nothing to be in love about.

But this solution won't be accepted as our 'Lovers' won't find is 'COOL' enough. How can something Indian be 'COOL'? How can we not do what the Americans are doing? After all we are a country where the definition of being 'COOL' is eating out at McDonald's and watch Friends on TV.


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