Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Brothers in Arms

Every sports enthusiast in his childhood dreams of wearing the national colours and win a match for his nation from the jaws of defeat. When siblings are a part of the team they both dream of contributing to the team's success together. 10th Feb '09 may not go down as an exceptional day in cricket's history but it will surely be a day when two pairs of brothers snatched victory from the jaws of defeat in two different corners of the world.

It was Michel Hussey and David Hussey taking on the Kiwis and proving why Aussies have been a champion side for so long. Over the last few weeks a lot has been written and said about Ricky Ponting and his men. Their back to back losses against the Kiwis after the humiliating South Africa series had meant that many cricket pundits had written them off. But the Hussey brothers made sure that such people had egg on their face.

Later in the day it was the chance for the Pathan brothers Irfan and Yusuf to give the Sri Lankan team a shocker in the one off Twenty20 game in the Emerald Isle. The two brothers have hardly had the opportunity to play together at the international level as Irfan was struggling to get back in the team for quite a long time especially after Pathan Sr made it to the national side.

The victory also meant that India put their stamping authority on the cricket's newest and most exciting version. It proved that it was nothing short of a champion side. This sort of performance gives immense confidence to the youngsters and differentiates between a good a great team. Aussies have done it for a decade taken the game out of the opposition's hand and now India and South Africa seem to be shaping well in the trade.


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