Monday, February 2, 2009

Dhoni's gesture a great example of sportsmanship

Imagine this in a modern day ODI game a team is reeling 223 for 6 in the 45th over on a placid sub-continent pitch. Someone by the name of Mahendra Singh Dhoni walks away from the pitch after making a faint nick down the leg side. It seemed most likely the umpire Chris Broad had missed it and would never have raised his finger.

It was a gesture worth going in the history books of cricket. An great example of high level of integrity and sportsmanship. Dhoni's departure from the pitch seemed to signal the end of India's hopes in the game. But the result was like a poetic justice to Dhoni's gesture and India managed to win the match by a narrow margin of 15 runs.

This is a lesson for many senior cricketers in international cricket who would bring in disrepute to the game just for a win. Ricky Ponting and his men have regularly been found at the wrong side of honesty. They had brought the game to a low during last year's Sydney Test where the their unsportsmanlike behaviour had redefined the word 'cheating'.

Critics would say that its the job of the umpires to decide on the field. Well its a known truth but acts like this are so pleasant to the eyes of the audience. When the captain of a team which may loose the match leads by example it really seems like a 'Gentleman's Game'. Aren't these incidents a great lesson for youngsters who aspire to become cricketers themselves?

Team India's 'Captain Cool' has earned the applause of people around the world for his gesture. In his short career not only has a scaled many peaks but he has shown signs of being humble and grounded. Dhoni has again proved that cricket is still somewhat a 'Gentleman's Game'


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