Thursday, February 5, 2009

In the name of culture

As Valentine's Day approaches a group of self styled cultural protectors will take on lovers across the country in the name of protecting Indian culture. In a recent statement one such group Ram Sena has issued a warning that they will force the couple to marry if they are found dating on Valentine's Day. The Talibanization of India cannot be done in a better way.

Now the question arises who are these people to intrude into the private lives of the people? They may claim to be the protectors of Indian culture against its westernisation but are their actions in accordance with the vales of the Indian culture. When was it that Indian culture allowed people the right to hit woman? If something illegal happens why not go to the law enforcement agencies and report the matter? Who gives them the authority to do moral policing?

There are two ways of becoming the protectors of culture. First go to the grass root level and make people aware of the cultural values or force it onto people. To take the first step these protectors will need to themselves know the culture well but unfortunately most of them being illiterate cannot do so. Even if they know the culture well this route will mean a lot of hard work and very little political mileage which is their ultimate aim.

If these people really want to make India a more 'cultured nation' they should look into some other burning issues. They should try to prevent trafficking of woman and child prostitution. They should try to go and stop witch hunting, child marriage and honour killing. It is very easy for these people to get fame targeting youngsters in the streets of Mumbai or Mangalore with the television channels following them.

It is ironical that most of the steps taken in the name of culture are performed in the most uncultured manner. All these in the name of culture?


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