Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Facebook Quotes And What They Mean

By: Subhadeep Bhattacharjee

Study shows the most hard working people in today's industry spend 2 hrs on an average on Facebook. No wonder we have people who are so busy and stressed with their work life!!!!! Here are a few common things that people have to say about Facebook:

I can't talk over the phone now I am busy - This means - My friend is online and I want to be back to Facebook. I can't miss being a part of some meaningless discussion. My online personality is more important than my real one.

I have N hundred friends in Facebook - This means all my life I struggled to make real friends and over the last few years have accepted every friendship request that has come across. If I need blood I will get links of blood banks, if I need to speak my heart out I have to chat and if I need some money I will see people offline!!!

I have to send some urgent mail - This means - There is nothing so urgent about me in my workplace I have to comment on people's status and pictures as I am seriously bored with my own pictures and status

I have to go for an urgent meeting - This means I don't want chat with you any more. I am bored with your talk. If you can sense it please do not disturb me again any time soon. By the way when I am bored and get you online I will ping you!!!

I don't check Facebook much - This means - I check Facebook regularly and am always logged in but offline mode. I want to show and publicly announce that I am busy and this is the best possible way in which I can do it.

I am seldom online - This means -I always used to be online but no one chats with me so choose to remain offline to protect my personal ego that I am important although others don't quite agree with the thought.

I still am loyal to Orkut - I haven't been able to figure out how Facebook works although tried doing it. The complexity here is too much and I feel home at Orkut where I play on my home ground!!!!

All this from work place and we are all busy in our office.....Wonder if some how Facebook could be integrated into daily work!!!!


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