Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bing eating up Yahoo's share

By: Subhadeep Bhattacharjee

Microsoft Corp's latest baby Bing had set out to topple Goolge as the world's most preferred search engine. But almost a month since its launch it seems to have dented more of Yahoo's market share and caused very little injury to Google. According to the latest data research firm ComScore Microsoft captured 8.4 percent of US Internet searches in June up from 8 percent in May. This slight increase has come largely at the expense Yahoo Inc, whose market share fell to 19.6 percent in June from 20.1 percent in May. Big Daddy of search engine Google still holds 65 percent of the market.

Some analysts feel this is a good show by Microsoft as the technology giant was constantly loosing its market share with its erstwhile Live Search. Given all the publicity that happened around the launch of Bing it is expected to make a month-on-month increase. They however warn it will be premature to predict Bing's future now and may be three to four months down the line a clearer picture would emerge. The reviews of the Bing have been positive and most technology experts believe Bing is the best search engine to have come out of Microsoft's stable.

Microsoft however would not mind giving a few blows to Yahoo. It may be recalled that Microsoft had offered to buy Yahoo a year back but the company's board resisted the takeover. Microsoft believed having Yahoo under its belt could have given it a better platform to take on Google in the internet search and advertisement market. Microsoft was so desperate for Yahoo that there were rumours that Microsoft had almost planned for a hostile takeover of Yahoo's board. However there are many people who still believe there are still possibility of Microsoft striking a partnership with Yahoo.

In the last few months the grand technology battle between Microsoft and Google seems to have peaked. Microsoft took on Google with its search engine Bing. Google gave a fitting reply when it announced the launch of Google Chrome OS which may launch simultaneously with Windows 7. Microsoft did not take this lying down and announced a free online version of Office 2010 for home users to take on Google's much publicised Google Docs. Well in all this the biggest beneficiary would definitely be the end users.


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