Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Big 'Technology' Fight

By: Reetasri Bhattacharjee

Even since man took his fist step on the planet he has fought for supremacy. He started fighting the animals for food and then fought with other man over sharing of food. Slowly man evolved and fought for kingdoms and then for countries. But with the industrial revolution man fought over technology. The biggest, the longest and the fastest became the world wars. In the era of information technology Google and Microsoft have wedged a battle ever since Google came into the picture in the late 90s.

The battle began with full force when Google on its official blog announced that by the end of 2010, they would be introducing their own Operating System- Google Chrome OS. This was seen as an open challenge to Microsoft, the biggest players in the market when it comes to OS. Nearly 90% of the users around the world use Microsoft OS. Google claims to build an OS that will be “the thing” to use for people who use the computer mostly to connect to the World Wide Web. “Speed, simplicity and security are the key aspects of Google Chrome OS”, so says the official blog of Google. They want to make it as user-friendly as possible (keeping their trademark on user friendly applications).

Now Microsoft, in a counter-attack, has announced that it will make its Office application free for the web. This is in reply to Google Docs, launched about three years back. About two months back Microsoft had also launched Bing, a re-launch of sorts of Microsoft Live again to compete Google’s search engine.

When Google entered the internet market MSN had the lion's share of the market along with Yahoo Inc but the California based company revolutionized the way people searched on the net. Google no longer remained a search engine it became a verb as far as internet search is concerned. Both the computer giants are venturing into each others terrains and trying to topple the other. Google is now an established firm when it comes to the World Wide Web. Today almost everyone “Google’s out information”. Googling is on. It will be very difficult to remove Google from its area. Similarly, Microsoft has been the Big Daddy since its start about three decades ago. It captured the market and home-users, businesses preferred (and still does) using their OS and other softwares like Office, Media Player. But when it came to internet, it always had difficultly. Though it managed to take over Mosiacs market in the Internet Browser market, soon it had to bow to Netscape Navigator and Mozilla Firefox.

This is just the beginning of the war and it will surely continue and get fiercer in the coming days. With new promises and launches from both the stables, who wins this battle only time can tell. Till then, we the users can happily be taking the advantages of both the companies!!!

This blog has been contributed by Reetasri Bhattacharjee a dear friend of mine. She is a regular blogger on blogspot and maintains the blog My Passing Moments


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