Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kasab's court room drama continues...

By: Subhadeep Bhattacharjee

A group of gunman enter our country breaching all the possible security nets. They kill hundreds of people and security forces in three days. One of them is caught alive but when his trial begins he makes a mockery of the court room proceedings smiling in the most intense situation. One fine day he confesses all his crime and stuns the entire world and his very own lawyer. But we are still unable to deliver judgement in the case.

India's most celebrated terrorist had exposed the loopholes in India's security system last November and now he is exposing the loopholes in the criminal justice system in India. We had people talking about waging a war against Pakistan after the Mumbai attack but this country seems to lack the intent of trying out a person responsible for killing hundreds of innocent people. Our judicial system is showing signs of being incapable of bringing Kasab to task.

Now if all the drama wasn't enough Kasab's lawyer Abbas Kazmi said he was willing to withdraw from the case as his client has lost faith in him. If Abbas quits he will be the second lawyer after Anjali Waghmare to quit the case. This will mean more delay in the case which is already seeing enough delays. Appointing a lawyer will prove to be difficult as many lawyers do not want to take up the case and those who do face opposition from certain political groups.

If there is ever a custodial death of a criminal the Human Rights commission are the first to make noise. Why don't they raise voice against the regular delay in the case? Aren't the victims of these terror attacks human enough to expect some justice? Why shouldn't the security force kill the terrorist instead of taking them into custody if the justice system in the country moves at snail's pace? Why should victims approach courts if a case like Kasab's takes so much time?

Its high time we wake up and change our outdated system of court proceedings. People sitting across the border are waging a war against us and here were are not able to try out India's biggest terror catch ever. Should we boast about a democracy and a judiciary which cannot deliver justice in time? Or are we waiting for a Kandhar like incident to happen?


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