Friday, June 5, 2009

Microsoft wants to bang with 'Bing'

By: Subhadeep Bhattacharjee

When it comes to doing business in technology there is no one better than Microsoft. The numerous accusations of plagiarism and lawsuits have never made the company overhaul its business strategy. When it came to product selling and money making no one could ever challenge the technology giant. But at the turn of the millennium when the focus shifted in focus to Internet, Microsoft could not quite capitalize on the World Wide Web.

In spite of making early moves with the Windows Messenger, buying HotMail for an whopping $400 million and forcing people to use Internet Explorer, Microsoft could never grab a lion's share in the web market. The emergence of Google and Yahoo with complete focus on the web meant that Microsoft could never force a challenge on them. Its focus was stretched between product development and the Internet. Google in fact went on to become a verb in the Internet jargon.

The enormous business prospects on the net with a $30 billion dollar Online Ad industry brought Microsoft with a completely outlook. After failing to capture the imagination of the Netizens with MSN and Live Search Microsoft has finally come binging with BING. The technology giant wants to make it a 'Google Killer'. First things first Bing has an awesome layout with some breathtaking background pictures and scores a Thumbs Up on that. But Google's clean and simple homepage is definitely more welcoming.

Another thing that has to be talked about is naming it 'BING'. Microsoft has always gone for conventional naming like Word, PowerPoint, Internet Explorer so 'BING' which has no meaning in the dictionary breaks convention. Microsoft wants to shed its image of a veteran Technology company and appeal to the Y Generation. BING being a rhyming word definitely sounds better than Live Search which sounds more like rat killing mission.

One tool which will attract a first time user is the Search History tab on the left of the screen is a useful feature as it provides with an instant history on search without any log in unlike Google. But this tool can be a problem for people used to searching %$#@ . The search results generated are however not upto the mark of Google which has become a benchmark in the search industry.

All in all it is another attempt by Microsoft to take on Google. It will be an herculean task for Microsoft if it plans to topple Google as the numero uno search engine. Google not only enjoys the loyalty of its users it has a cult following among them. Only time will tell if BING bings out Google or bows down before it like MSN and Live Search did.


RD June 6, 2009 at 2:46 AM  

So they wanna make us say 'Lets bing it'.But ain't we forgettin sumthin here...Google's almost always lived up to expectations....sumwer microsoft's often faltered....not so distant example wud be Vista
Secondly..Bing is Microsoft's take on netizens...I guess ne netizen wud still prefer da complete package of net products(orkut,gtalk,gmail,igoogle,youtube,blogger)..a portfolio microsoft can only dream of for a long long time...

Just fr da heck of it..i searched ma name on bing and had a "me" specific reference on da first page relegated me to the third page of on da personal ego lost me as da eager future BINGER....

to me BING ain't singing netime soon...dis according to me wud be da same scenario of bleeding in da quest of regaining lost ground..u cud GOOGLE IBM's OS/2 or PowerPC series for examples....

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