Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Don't equate Naxalims/Maoism with Terrorism

By: Subhadeep Bhattacharjee

The recent violence in Lalgarh in West Bengal is another testimony to the threating red terror which is fast spreading across the country. Although the ban imposed by the government on the CPI – M(Maoist) will give the security forces some teeth to fight these outlawed people it is not a solution to the problem as more and more indoctrinated people will raise arms against the State.

One fundamental problem so far has been many a times we have equated Left Wing Extremism with Terrorism. To put it realistically terrorism has to be tackled with force as these organizations have demands which cannot be met under the purview of the Indian Constitution. In contrast most of the Left Wing Extremism groups are against the constant overlooking of the rural areas by the government when it came to development.

Maoism and Naxalism are bigger threats than terrorism as they have gripped the entire Indian heartland where security forces seems to have little or no control. The support that these groups enjoy from the vast majority of rural deprived population is a major worrying factor. Although our government may not officially acknowledge it but Naxalism has taken the face of People's Moment in many parts of the country.

But the good point is Left Extremism is easier to tackle than terrorism as the key issue in most case is intrusion in the jungles and development. Both these problems can be solved well under our own law. If pictures that we have seen of Lalgarh and other Naxal infested areas are anything to go by its a shame on the nation which wants to be a global superpower but doesn't have metaled roads, electricity, primary health care for its rural population.

The people in most of the Naxal infested areas have been denied of basic infrastructure and development for decades. Their demands are very basic bijili, sadak and paani unlike us the urban crowd who are not satisfied with air conditioned buses and feel the need for air-conditioned roads. Its high time the Government shows some seriousness towards the issue. Let there not be two parallel India's in the villages and cities.


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