Monday, June 22, 2009

Kasab's case shows the plight of our Judicial System

By: Subhadeep Bhattacharjee

Ram Gopal Varma did a serious error when he visited the Taj after the Mumbai carnage along with then Maharashtra CM Vilasrao Deshmukh. The public outcry meant the could not make the movie he intended. But Ramu can definitely make one on the trial of Mohammad Ajmal Mohammad Amir Kasab the lone Pakistani terrorist caught alive after having waged a war against India. The courtroom drama is surely worth making a Bollywood flick which mocks out criminal justice system.

It has been seven months since Kasab and nine other terrorist unleashed the worst episode of urban terror in India but our law is still trying to prove him guilty. The Mumbai Police had filed a 11000 page charge sheet against Kasab which doesn't seem enough to nail him. Everyday in the court we have fresh witnesses walking in and identifying Kasab as the terrorist who opened fire at the CST railway station while he smiles and laughs at the witnesses.

Isn't the judiciary still not convinced that this is same man who killed so many innocent people in CST?
The entire nation seems to have identified who Kasab is but our judges are not convinced. Hasn't the prosecution prepared a case strong enough to nail him? If the law has any loopholes doesn't it need to be mended in time? Aren't we mocking at ourselves and encouraging the terrorists to attempt similar attacks in the future.

Another high profile case involving Parliament attack conspirator Mohammad Afzal Guru has become political. The mercy plea has been lying pending with the President of India for years now. Doesn't the office of the President have enough time to take a stand on such pleas. What message do send out to the world when in spite of being one of the worst victims of terror we are not willing to take some hard decisions.

The problem is not limited to Kasab's case, it shows the plight of our judiciary. Kasab's case has to be the most high profile in the decade but we still are unable to punish who came across from the border and waged a war against India. If justice is not delivered in such a high profile case why should we have faith in our judiciary. The government changed the Chief Minister and sacked the Home Minister but it seems to be bowing down when it came to the Court Case.

It might not highly unlikely that another plane is hijacked and Kasab's release is demanded. From Kandhar episode to the Parliament Attack and the recent Mumbai carnage we have always bowed down before terrorism. Perhaps we should take a cue from our southern neighbours Sri Lanka. People thought this time around things will change but we still seem to send out the message of peace to people who point a gun at us. Why shouldn't we be referred to as a 'Weak State'?


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