Monday, December 8, 2008

Why does Pakistan dream of disintegrating India?

By: Subhadeep Bhattacharjee

The other day I went through the post of Pakistani blogger who had written about a prospective Indo-Pak war. He predicted that India would crumble under Pakistani military might and will disintegrate into several parts. He pointed out that North East would become an independent country, West Bengal merge with Bangladesh, J&K would finally get independence and down south a Dravidian country would be formed.

Like a true Pakistani he glorified all the wars (48, 65, 71 and 99) that his countrymen fought against India. I was shocked not because of his dream and imagination but because of the manner in which he had written it to convince his countrymen. What kept me wondering was his educational qualification, having an engineering degree in a war torn country I felt this person should be thinking of nation rebuilding rather than trying to push his country into war.

Even worst were the comments from his fellow countrymen who supported his idea and and not even a single coul raised an argument against it. Then I realised that this is something which separates India from Pakistan. We have a huge section of our society which is liberal and plural. Issues are not just taken on their face value in India but people here look at the from different perspective. We are free citizens of a free nation where our soldiers fight in the borders and not dream of storming the parliament like they do in our neighbouring country.

If only my friend sitting across the border was honest enough to admit that Pakistan has dug its own grave by trying to destroy India. There is lawlessness all around and security a word non-existing in Pakistan's dictionary. Youngsters hold Kalashnikovs like we hold laptops in India and getting RDX for them is like fetching a bag of cement from the market. There are not many Prime Ministers whose car has been shot at in broad daylight.

Had the Pakistani government over the last two decades invested half their time and money on development rather than promoting a pseudo war against India, Pakistani have been a different country. My friend sitting in Lahore would have rather written a blog on having bilateral trade relationship with India rather then dream of destroying it.


Anonymous,  December 8, 2008 at 4:44 PM  

A shred of advice..please follow the Siyasat Aur Pakistan series;which is basically a lily livered discussion amongst eminent Pakistanis in the media.You'll find it by that name on Youtube.

After doing so...u'll find that w/e da moron u speak abt has squeaked,its actually rather benign and credible.
These erudite slugheads hav such martian insights into world affairs that they can easily extrapolate and dissect every major problem at hand.Some of their claims are:
1)The Indian foreign policy is dictated by Mossad
2)Mossad is the single biggest threat to Pakistani security in Kashmir....not Indians
3)In abt 2-4 years the USA is gonna disintegrate into smaller states
and so on.

Anonymous,  December 8, 2008 at 7:15 PM  

And..guess wat stuff's more raunchier as i get on wid the series..

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