Friday, December 5, 2008

Terror Protests – Only After The Noble Were Hit?

By: Subhadeep Bhattacharjee

There seems to be a feeling of anger amongst the citizens of this country after the recent Mumbai terror attacks. As a citizen of this country I am very happy to see the people finally seek accountability from our political class. What upsets me is where were all these 'noble man' when there were terror attacks in Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Malegaon, Agartala, Assam took place. Does my bank balance and status
in the society determine the value of my life in this country.

The elites in the society cutting across professions are campaigning for a safer India. Never before have we see so much of public anger after a terror strike. Is it really public anger or the elite anger? Where were all these elites of Mumbai when Ghatkopar blasts happened in 2003 or the serial blasts that happened on August 25, 2003, the 2006 blasts in the train which claimed more than 200 lives could not bring these people on the streets.

The elites of the society have always been under a state of denial whenever the country has been hit by terror attacks. They do not board the local train, they do not go to the overcrowded markets and do not wait for the public transport at the bus stops. So the elites who are used to a chauffeur driven car or a hour long flights from one city to another never felt under real threat by terrorists. But this sense of denial has come and hit them and hit them hard. If Taj is not safe no place in India is.

This sense of denial was something the Americans were patronising before 9/11. They believed with all their military might they were 'safe'. That day busted a myth that there was any place thought to be safe in the world. They always believed that terrorism was a problem in Africa, Middle East and Indian Sub-Continent. The attack had so severe impact of the Americans that President Bush had to come out with the famous statement “We Are At War”

The media coverage was very Taj and Oberoi Trident centric but what about the people who lost their lives at CST or the Cama Hospital. What about those relatives who did not have money to take their bodies back home. Was the fair colour of the skin at Taj and Oberoi more photogenic than the darker toned people unable to afford designer clothes for themselves. Somewhere the media was very biased in the way they approached the entire sad episode.

It is a great thing to see all my fellow Indians stand up for the fight against terror. Hope it does not mean more security at the malls and hotels and lead to the protection of the lives of the elites only. Its high time we act and not be resilient to ensure security of all Indians irrespective of their socio- economic status.


moffyTOTS December 8, 2008 at 5:13 PM  

I'm nt sure if the profuse covering and extensive frenzy concomitant wid the Mumbai attacks were related to the money factor.
Mumbai is India's soul so nething that happens there resonates thruout.Again this time the targets were totally offset..unlike anyother target of recent times.
Railway stations and hospitals and bus stations were always soft targets;hi-end hotels were a novelty.
If the hoopla generated waz coz of the purse-power,then we wudn't hav da common man speak out....we wud hav the media and corporate honchos jabber on television.

We r gonna be in a state of perpetual repose until we start voting all are useless repercussions of a tragedy that cud hav been prevented.

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