Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Why doesn't Left protest Indo-China military exercise

By: Subhadeep Bhattacharjee

Amidst the recent Mumbai terror attacks one major event that became obscure was the Indo-China joint military exercise in Belgum which began on December 4. Had the Mumbai carnage not happened it would have been very interesting to see Left's stand on the military ties with China. To be honest all of us know that when it comes to China our Left party leaders even tend to forget their nationality.

It needs to be remembered that the Left parties have categorically opposed any military ties between Indian and the United States. Be it the Joint Naval exercise in the Malabar Coast or the Air Force Exercise in Kalaikunda, West Bengal our Left leaders have been up in arms against such military ties between the two largest democracies in the world.

I respect Left parties as they do not promote sycophancy and dynasty politics. They also give importance to the educational and non-criminal background of their candidates. But when it comes to China there is a hint of hypocrisy in their approach. India and its national interest take a back-seat and party ideology becomes the determinant factor in issues concerning the Red Dragon.

Why is it that none of the Left leaders have come out and opposed this military joint exercise? If US was getting to know out military secrets through during such exercise why can't China do the same. Practically US military capabilities and hardware is far ahead of India and it need not copy us whereas there is a huge doubt that looms over Chinese military hardware most of which is outdated.

America has never waged a direct war against India but China has done so. America doesn't claim any Indian territory but China claims the entire state of Arunachal Pradesh. America is putting pressure on Pakistan to flush out terrorist carrying out strikes against India but China being neighbour to both the countries has been silent. Our Left leaders consider America a threat but they should realise China is a bigger threat both military as well as economically.

Why is it that our Left parties never protested when China laid its claims over Arunachal Pradesh? Why doesn't the Left oppose Chinese occupation of certain territories in PoK. Why don't they question China over its regular arms supply to Pakistan. Is the national interest second to their ideologies and beliefs? These are some hard questions that our Left leaders need to answer.


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