Monday, December 29, 2008

India's biggest confusion called Pakistan!

By: Subhadeep Bhattacharjee

Pakistan still remains in a state of denial about its involvement in the Mumbai terror attack and keeps of demanding 'proof' from India. The Indian government on its part is busy drafting those 'proofs' that will impress Pakistan. But there are two things that
have been proved in this entire diplomatic tussle. First Pakistan is not being ruled by a democratically elected government and secondly Pakistan as a nation will for ever remain hostile towards India.

The truth is known to the entire world and any amount of proof given to Pakistan will not be enough for it to initiate action against the terror outfits. Considering the present state of things in Pakistan the 'Anti-India' stand is the only thing that unites the war torn country. This is the only issue where the politicians, terrorists, radicals, educated liberals and last but not the least the media in Pakistan stand united.

Now in such a scenario what can we do as a nation? Lets get two things clear we cannot choose our neighbours and will have to live with Pakistan and secondly a full scale war with Pakistan will hurt us more economically than it will hurt Pakistan. So is there anything that we can do to make ourselves more secure than we have been so far? Yes we have to accept facts rather than live in a dreamy world.

The problem in India's diplomacy as far as Pakistan is concerned is very befuddle. One one hand we try building friendly relationships with them on the other we demand Pakistan to be declared a terrorist state. This confusing Indian attitude towards Pakistan is responsible for many of the problems being faced by India. We should have a clear idea as to what we want deal with Pakistan militarily or diplomatically.

Like Israel we should seal our borders as we face a hostile enemy sharing common border with us. We have very little to gain from having friendly ties with Pakistan considering Indo-Iranian gas pipeline is a distant dream. People to people contact hasn't made much difference towards curbing of terror. At the present situation we neither have trust nor mistrust when it comes to Pakistani. Let us go either way as this confusing state of affairs will not do any good to the bilateral relationship.


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