Friday, December 19, 2008

A R Antulay speaking on Pakistani lines

By: Subhadeep Bhattacharjee

Minority Affairs Minister
Abdul Rahaman Antulay's conspiracy theory regarding the killing of ATS chief Hemant Karkare's has been an egg on the face for the Congress Party. It was too much of an imagination on part of Mr Antulay and perhaps he should talk to Ram Gopal Varma to script his movie. He is talking a stand which is similar to the one being adopted by the Pakistani media who have even gone on to say that the entire terror strike was staged by the Indian Intelligence agency.

A conspiracy can be started by accusing A R Antulay of being an ISI agent who has been paid money to make anti India statements. Would Mr Antulay accept this? At least we have proof of his speech on tape. Whom was he trying to cater to needs to be questioned? Was he trying to appease the minorities? Has he forgotten that more than 40 Muslims fell victim to the terror strikes and they themselves have protested against it. So what were his intentions, his party has to answer this to the people of India.

Being a public servant A R Antulay is accountable to the people of the country and should be made to explain the basis of his suspicion. He alleged that the police team was send on a mission to die there by someone in the corridors of power. Whom is he pointing towards? Has he forgotten the fact that his party and NCP are in power in Maharashtra. Is he pointing towards any of his party colleague? He needs to answer all these questions.

If his allegations are found to be baseless legal action needs to be initiated against him immediately. His comments could have instigated communal violence in the country. Just a mere reignition is not enough for an insane politicians of his scale. His party cannot sideline themselves from his comments and say it was his personal point of view. If it was his personal point of view why was he allowed to make such an obnoxious statement in the Parliament.

When the Anti-Terror Bill was being debated in the Parliament there was a huge concern among the ruling party members. They felt it might dent their vote bank among the minority community. It is highly surprising that an anti terror law in India has to go through religious considerations. Can than the party at the centre claim themselves to be secular. Lets face the facts, vote bank politics is the name of the game in India and no party in this country can claims itself to be secular.

Being a lawyer Antulay should not take up Ajmal Kasab's case as he is yet to find a lawyer. Prove him innocent and send him back across the border so that he can visit us again with more arms and ammunition. One thing is for sure Pakistani Government will honour Antulay with the highest civilian award not because of the case but because he represents them in the Indian Parliament.


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