Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Certain things never change

Recently I had the privilege (or rather ill fate) of flying in India Airlines aka Indian aka Air India from Kolkata to Bangalore. When I went for checking in I was amazed to see that out of the eight counters only one was manned. Most of the other private Airlines around had at least half of their check in counters busy and catering to the passengers.

Since passengers for two flights were checking in there was a long queue which made the old man sitting in the counter loose his patience. To ease out his job he requested his colleague sitting idle to cater to the passengers of one of the flights. In a rude manner she replied that she was not supposed to be working and was sitting there just to relax. She had a “I am doing charity” kind of an attitude written all over her face.

Her reply was not a shocker to many as people are used to such attitudes from many of Government and the PSU sector employees. But what was surprising was that this lady hadn't learnt anything from the women half her age working around her with a smile (even if fake) on their face. Stupidity and poor work culture personified these sort of employees are a shame not just to their employers but to the entire nation.

The lady who can surely be among the Top 10 Ugly Looking Ground Crew in India was feeling proud of her act. She did not have the looks or legs which will make a man want to stay in the queue for long and keep starring at her. Men in India would not mind doing that all day if they were made to stare at the air-hostesses of most of the airlines other than the state owned one.

Behind her were the check-in counters of the Low Cost Carrier' IndiGo where pretty looking girls were catering to all the passengers with a smile. If not anything else they were making sure that the passenger doesn't cruse himself for flying with their airlines. As for Air India many people have many different stories to tell but the fact remains a passenger deserves some amount of comfort when he pays for a 'Full Service Airline' ticket.


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