Monday, March 16, 2009

Maya wants to spread her 'Mayajal'

Mayawati's decision to fight the election on her own has left many amazed. More so with her claim to form a Non-NDA and Non-UPA government on her own. This definitely has to be the boldest statement for the election season. She might have the largest state in India under her control with 80 seats to the Lok Sabha but to challenge the two national parties is quite amazing.

If we go by the last Lok Sabha polls Mayawati's Bahujan Samaj Party has won a mere 19 seats while rival Samajwadi Party got 35 out of the 80 seats. But a lot of water has flown down the Ganges since then and Mayawati registered a historic win in the last Assembly election winning an absolute majority in the house and being the first leader to do so in almost two decades.

By challenging the BJP and the Congress and playing pressure politics with the Third Front, Maya is keeping everyone guessing. The question arises is what is behind her confidence or overconfidence? In the best case scenario she can win a maximum 80 seats in UP which seems highly unlikely. Other than UP her party has hardly has not raised its head in any other state.

Mayawati is trying to woo the voters with what became popularly known as 'Social Engineering' during the last UP Polls. She has shed her image of an anti-upper cast leader and has included the upper cast people among her ranks. This worked wonders for her in the last elections. She has however not forgotten to champion the cause of dalits making sure they see her as their sole leader.

Mayawati also plans to cash in on Samajwadi Party's Muslim votes after siding with the Congress in the Indo-US Nuclear Deal. Muslims who have always been loyal to the SP suddenly have a feeling they have been bertrayed by the SP. Since they can't side with the BJP under any circumstance, Maywati seems to have emerged as their only saviour. They vote share might turn the table in UP this time.

Mayawati will be the biggest challenge to the Third Front. She is one leader they cannot ignore, neither can they work with. Even before the polls have started she has expressed her interest in the Prime Minister's chair. Her rise or fall might be the most interesting story in the upcoming General Elections. It remains to be seen if Mayawati can weave her Mayajal around 7th Race Course Road.


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