Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The lesser known Gandhis

Varun Gandhi's communally sensitive speech has done one thing for sure brought back attention to the lesser known Gandhi family tree. People have suddenly recollected that there is more to the Gandhi family other than Sonia, Rahul and Priyanka. The almost forgotten Gandhi has emerged from nowhere by giving a communally sensitive speech.

Political loyalty is more important than blood ties when your last name is Gandhi in India. Otherwise the son of Meneka Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi should have inherited as much political legacy as his cousin Rahul has. Had his father not died a tragic death he could have had the “future Prime Minister of India” tag on him which his cousin Rahul proudly carries.

For a section of people who still feel Sonia Gandhi is an outsider Meheka and Varun are the real Gandhis. Varun for them is the true torch bearer of a political legacy starting from Motilal Nehru. It is ironical that for the numerous sycophants in the Congress who are 'Gandhi Loyalists', Varun Gandhi is non-existent. These are the same people who would chop off their finger if Sanjay Gandhi had asked them to do so in his hay days.

In his recent speech Varun has shown some sparks of his father Sanjay Gandhi. Rajiv's younger brother was very strong leader in his own right. He had brought the Congress under his control so much so that at one point of time he was more powerful than his mother. It is another fact that conspiracy theorists have always said he was killed by his own mother who feared loosing control over her party to him.

Till the other day Varun was thought to be just another leader living under his mother's shadow. But his recent speech has not only surprised the opposition but his party leaders too. Was it an all out attempt to stamp his authority in this elections? Or was Varun trying to project himself as none lesser than his cousin Rahul? Does he want a share of the princely treatment meted out to Rahul?

These are the questions only Varun will be able to answer but his statement may have achieved what he intended to. His name will definitely figure in all the future election rallies this season. His party will project him as the real Gandhi and the messiah of Hindutva and the Congress and its allies will brand him a communal leader.


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