Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lalit Modi has no right to blame the Govt.

After weeks of drama surrounding the security of the second edition of the Indian Premiere League the verdict is finally out. Indian Premiere League is moving out of the country in its second season or in simple words IPL is become NR-IPL read Non Resident Indian Premiere League. Cricket's biggest money spinner tournament will most likely head to England its country of birth.

The shocker of a statement came from Lalit Modi, the Chairman and Commissioner of Indian Premier League when he accused the government of forcing the BCCI to move the tournament out of India. He accused the Home Minister P Chidabaram of not trying enough to provide security to the tournament which clashes with forthcoming General Elections.

It is a pretty well known thing that the acquisitions are more political than cricketing in nature. Modi is very close to the former Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje Sindhia and thus will not miss any chance to hit back at the Congress Party. The entire issue had become political with non-Congress ruled states giving a go ahead to the security during the tournament.

Lalit Modi has more business interests to protect than think of what the fans will miss. IPL is no Olympic where humanity is celebrated no prize money is given. IPL is the biggest money making tournament in modern day cricket. So Mr. Modi has is simply focused in protecting the business interest of the BCCI and its franchisees.

True being a die hard cricket fan many of us are hurt with the tournament going out of India. But we cannot allow insanity to rule over out minds. The General Elections are far more important for the country than the Indian Premiere League. Mr. Lalit Modi has to understand this and not let the prospects of business losses rule over his mind.

What if an untoward incident like Lahore happens, won't Mr Modi blame the Government? The government has done the right thing in accepting ground realities that it won't be able to provide full proof security to IPL. It is better not to have the tournament than to have it with compromised security measures. We can't put the life of the domestic as well as the international cricketers at stake like our neighbouring country had done in the recent past.


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