Saturday, March 14, 2009


Dictionary says it is “the event of dying or departure from life.” But in the true meaning of life is it so simple? As someone rightly put is there is no bigger reality than death. It is one thing no living creature has been able to conquer and everyone needs to bow down before it someday. Its the end of many relationships and start of everlasting memories.

Today I have personally lost someone very close to me my grandmother. Like all children I had played in her lap. She was the one who would bring me back form school during my nursery days. She would narrate the numerous events in her life to me everyday. Crossing 90 years in her life she had nothing much to live for but relationships and love seldom dies.

It was just last week that I bid her goodbye to her and her partying words were “Pray to God that he gives me some space in his feet.” Its only been 8 days since she had said that to me for the last time in her life. Seeing her suffering I had prayed that she gets relief soon. But today I have a feeling of emptiness, something which was there till yesterday will no more be there with me.

The room now will be empty with the old lady sitting in the bed gone forever. Never in my life again will I be able to hear her voice again. Never will those old hands bless me for my well being. No one will ever ask me those funny questions related to job and career like she did. The only thing I am left with are her memories which I will cherish all my life.

For the doctor she was just another patient, for the cremation ground staff she was just another name in their register of dead bodies being cremated everyday. But for me she was someone close to me, someone who nurtured me when my mother was away from work. As a human body exists the world nothing much changes just that world is one life less and one mind less....


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