Thursday, March 19, 2009

Congress cannot sit in Meghalaya opposition

A problem with a political party running a government for too long is it cannot bear sitting in the opposition. As for the Congress party which has almost had a unchallenged run is most of the North Eastern states since independence it 'cannot not be' in power in North East. It has finally been successful in toppling the NCP led Donkupar Roy government in Meghalaya and bringing in President's Rule in the state thus pushing it into political uncertainty.

If horse trading was the business mantra of the world the Congress leaders from Meghalaya could have been tycoons in the trade. It had just been a year since Donkupar Roy had taken over as the Chief Minister of the state. But for the DD Lapang led Congress party this was something which could not be digested. How could the Hand sit in the opposition?

The people of Meghalaya haven't forgotten the how DD Lapang had ousted Mr JD Rhymbai from the post of the Chief Minister in the last government. The result of the 'joke of a poll' which was held to select between Rymbhai and Lapang as the leader never came out. May be Madam Sonia Gandhi did not have enough time to see the mandate of her party leaders in Meghalaya. In the oldest party of the largest democracy in the world autocracy is the word.

For the power hungry Congress the Donkupar Roy led government had done many wrong. It wanted to bring in much needed development and investment to the state. It wanted to increase the productivity of the otherwise lazy state government employees by asking them to work on Saturdays. The biggest of all mistakes was to dream of of running a non-Congress government in the state. All these cannot be done in a state where the hand has acted like a handkerchief on most of the occasions.

Be it the Naga peace talks, the illegal migration of people from Bangladesh the Congress has always taken an anti-people stand. It was during the so called communal NDA rule that the Naga peace talks moved forward. The Congress brought the IMDT Act to increase their vote bank and promote infiltration to the extent of posing a threat to the entire region. So people should think which way they want to cast their vote when they have to do it next time.


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