Friday, January 29, 2010

Shiv Sena doesn't believe in democracy

By: Subhadeep Bhattacharjee

If you think under world is powerful in Mumbai read this “This is not Shahrukh, but the Khan in him that's saying all this. Let Shahrukh go and stay in Lahore, Karachi or Islamabad. He is not needed in Mumbai. Balasaheb has made it clear that Pakistani players wouldn't be allowed to play in the IPL or set foot in Maharashtra" Wonder what this is well this is nothing but Shiv Sena's reacting to Shahrukh's support for the Pakistani players in the IPL.

The Shiv Sena spokesman doesn't stop with that he also adds ““There will be dire consequences if Shahrukh defies the orders of the Sena chief. Shahrukh must think twice before speaking. This is Maharashtra and the Shiv Sena chief's writ runs here." Well it is for everyone to judge weather this is the language a political party is expected to speak in a democracy? Or the larger question that looms is weather Shiv Sena and its by-product the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena even believe in Democracy?

None of us unaware of the fact that Pakistan had a role to play in the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai and we should refrain from washing our hands from it. But is this the kind of language a person should expect in our democracy where the Constitution ensures us 'freedom of speech.' Over the last few years there has been a tussle between the Shiv Sena and Maharashtra Navnirman Sena to be a saviour of the Marathi cause. Now when it comes to Pakistan and racial attacks in Australia, Shiv Sena wants to represent the Indian cause.

When Mukesh Ambani one of India's leading industrialists said Mumbai belonged to all Indians the Sena slammed him. They had earlier done the same to one of the greatest Marathi icons Sachin Tendulkar as he faulted saying he was an Indian first. Mukesh Ambani creates jobs and thus has the right to speak on it, MNS and Sena are just the hungry consumers of it. Sachin makes India smile and unlike the Thackreys can walk into any Indian home and would get the treatment of a king.

Do the Thackreys believe they run a dictatorial rule over entire Maharashtra and Mumbai? The drubbing they got in the elections should have been an eye opener for them but that seems far from true. The question is not just about Pakistani players being allowed to play in the IPL but of a political forces which seems to consider itself above the law? It is high time the centre and the state machinery take some strong measures against such militant political parties.


garsa January 30, 2010 at 11:21 PM  

I agree fully with u that actions of shivsena or mns are totaly against democracy.We indians are well known for peace and harmony and stand of both these parties is against them.How can they decide about who will speak what in mumbai.Is mumbai their personal territory????? I wonder why central and state govt arent asking them anything and takin no action against them.They are doing all this in name of marathi manush,i agree that local people should gain if their area is developing but they should realise that progress of mumbai is due to efforts of so much people so how can u now say to those people to live by some political party law and not by indian law.I appeal to all indians who feel so to protest against it any possible way and save our country from these greedy people.

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