Monday, January 25, 2010

Pawar becoming an embarrassment for Manmohan

By: Subhadeep Bhattacharjee

Sharad Pawar is turning out to be the biggest embarrassment for the Government. In there is one ministry in the UPA government which needs an overhaul it is the Agricultural Ministry which the Nationalist Congress Party chief is heading. Pawar's failure to control the price rise of essential commodities is seriously denting the image of the government which claims it to be a Government of the Aam Admi.

The big challenge for the Manmohan Singh now is how to save the face of the government without hurting the NCP chief. Congress had neutralised him in the Lok Sabha elections where they had gained more seats than the NCP. But the Maharashtra Assembly elections meant that Congress could not breathe in Maharashtra without NCP providing the oxygen cylinder.

What is hurting the government's image more is Sharad Pawar's aspiration for cricket which has become an embarrassment. When the country is recovering from one of it's worst financial crisis the person holding a key portfolio like agriculture seems to be too busy in paving a way for himself as the next ICC president.

Nobody doubts the intention of the Prime Minister or his abilities to run a government but he seems to be paying the price of running coalition government. Had Pawar still been with the Congress he would have surely lost his ministry but Manmohan's hands are tied. Taking any action against Pawar would be political suicide for the Maharashtra government.


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