Thursday, April 9, 2009

Prosecute politicians who support terrorism

MDMK General Secretary Vaiko's said that Prabhakaran exists in the hearts of all Tamils and if any harm is done to him there will be bloodbath in Tamil Nadu. Isn't it a shame that a politician in India can speak openly in support of a terrorist causing damage to life and property in one of our neighbouring countries. Has Vaiko forgotten that it is the same Prabhakaran who masterminded the assassination of former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

It is the same LTTE which is issuing threats to Sonia Gandhi and her family members according to recent intelligence reports. How could Mrs Gandhi have run a government in alliance with a party like MDMK which supports a terror outfit which killed her husband? To forget and forgive people takes a big heart but to ally with your enemy just for the sake of political gains is opportunism.

True Sri Lankas Tamils have gone through a lot of atrocities and every Tamalian has the right to have a soft corner for them. But Vaiko doesn't stand up for the Lankan Tamils rather chooses to support a terrorist organization which has been banned by the India government. Vaiko is playing a political master stroke and wants to create an emotional outbreak among the people of Tamil Nadu knowing in the election season he cannot be arrested no matter what even comment he makes.

On one hand we do not miss a single opportunity in branding Pakistan as perpetrators of terror in India and on the other we have leaders like Vaiko who openly support a terror outfit in our neighbouring country in the name of protecting the cause of Lankan Tamils. What is the message we portray to the international community when we want them to isolate Pakistan on the issue of terrorism but some of our leaders are there support terrorism in Sri Lanka.

It is a fact that one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter so as a nation we need to collectively take a stand on these issues. Should we call for a ban on all form of terrorism both within our country and in the neighbouring ones or should we allow our leaders to make such speeches and easily get away with it. We cannot be the promoters and victims of terrorism together which unfortunately our neighbour on the west Pakistan has become.


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