Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Assam problem needs to be tackled seriously

Assam is becoming synonymous with blasts. Yesterday four blasts rocked the state killing 8 people just a day ahead of Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh's election rally in the state. Dreaded terrorist outfit ULFA is considered to be behind the blast. This blasts comes just a week after the March 31 blast which incidentally happened minutes before External Affairs minister Pranab Mukherjee was to address an election rally.

These blasts should be an eye opener for the government both at the state and the centre whose policies have been ineffective in dealing with terrorism. The UPA government should consider itself unlucky as so many attacks have taken place under its rule as it does not consider itself being 'soft on terror.' But with incidents happening all over the country this problem should have been dealt more seriously.

It is surprising where do the so called Human Rights Groups disappear when such an incident takes place? Why don't they come and condemn the terrorists when they gun down the editor of a newspaper. Where is the Peoples Consultative Group which flies Business Class to Delhi and talks only for the militant and not against it even when it is involved in such inhuman acts. Are the human lives lost every day of no value to these people who talk about Human Rights?

As for the ULFA it has always been like a chameleon. It has always used the ceasefire to regroup and strike back in the state. It has regularly uses the 'friend and foe' diplomacy where one wing talks about peace and the other carries on its killings and bombings. This is right from the top of the outfit where Chairman Arabinda Rajkhowa is pro talks and C-in-C Paresh Baruah is not ready for it. This works well to keep the Indian establishment interested and confused and fool the people of Assam.

Another reason why the ULFA has survived for this long has been sympathy the outfit enjoys among a substantial population in the state. Although many people are done with the dream created by the outfit many still see it as a saviour for the original inhabitants of the land. Some NGOs have been a big hurdle for the government as well as the security forces in dealing with the ULFA.

Ironically ULFA today is causing more harm to the ethnic tribes of the region by promoting the influx of Bangladeshis. ULFA top brass running their outfit from Bangladesh and joining hands with the HUJI is a testimony to the fact that they do not stand for North East's biggest problem 'influx'. Targeting the Hindi speaking labours and replacing them with Bangladeshi migrants has become their modus operandi.

History has shown us terrorism can be crushed when there is firm resolve. Be it the naxalite moment in West Bengal or terrorism in Punjab when people stood up for peace terrorism had to kneel down. Same with Assam people have to ban the outfit and have no sympathies for it and the government has to formulate a strong anti-terror policy. Let us accept talks with groups like the ULFA which is a threat not only to the nation but to the demography of the region doesn't seem possible.

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