Monday, April 20, 2009

Karunanidhi remembers his long lost friend Prabhakaran

Call it the old age syndrome or the pressure of politics DMK chief Karunanidhi suddenly seems to have remembered a person by the name of Prabhakaran. In a startling interview with a TV channel the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister has said that the LTTE chief is his friend and he is not a terrorist. DMK's partner Congress is on a sticky wicket after his comments.

Giving a clean chit to the dreaded terrorist Mr Karunanidhi also added that Prabhakaran is not involved in any of the killings and he was fighting for a novel cause. He accepted that some terror element might have entered the ranks of the LTTE but Prabhakaran was in no way responsible for this. He contradicted himself and accepted that the LTTE is fighting for a genuine cause but their methods were wrong.

This statement by Karunanidhi hasn't surprised many as MDMK chief Vaiko who is known to be supportive of the LTTE had almost hijacked the issue and hoped to make major gains in the ongoing Lok Sabha Polls. Its alliance with the AIADMK is posing a threat to the DMK and it seems LTTE will be one of the major issues in the elections this time around in Tamil Nadu.

Karunanidhi was left with no choice but to endorse Prabhakaran and the LTTE to connect an emotional cord with the voters in an election where he surely cannot better his dream performance like last time. The Congress party which had lost one of its key leaders Rajiv Gandhi to the LTTE still seems to brand LTTE as a terrorist organization.

A few questions however arise:
If Prabhakaran is not a terrorist what is he doing with the LTTE?

If Prabhakaran has no control over his organizational activities (read terror attacks) than how can he be termed has the chief of his organization?

Are we to be led by people who endorse and support terrorism on national television?

Why is it that leaders like Vaiko and Karunannidhi raise up the issue of the LTTE and not the Sri Lankan Tamils?

Have we or should we forget about the assassination of former PM Rajiv Gandhi?

How can we ask Pakistan to keep off from the Kashmir issue when we ourselves interfere in the internal matter of our neighbouring country?


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