Monday, April 13, 2009

Buddiya to Guddiya – Elections '09 gets colourful

If Narendra Modi had not taken up politics he could have been a good poet or a lyricist considering his rhyming skills he has shown in the 'Buddiya to Guddiya' issue. Elections were never this exciting in India. From someone threatening to kill everybody belonging to a particular community to someone promising to bulldoze his political rival we are seeing and hearing it all this election season.

Gujarat Chief Minister BJP's poster boy Narendra Modi added showed his poetic skills by calling Congress a '125 year buddiya' (old lady). The third in line to the Congress throne Priyanka Gandhi took offence and asked Modi if she and her brother Rahul looked old. Modi made some quick corrections to his statement and instead called the party 'guddiya' (doll).

This elections is witnessing mud slinging and abusing like none other before. Election Commission might so have to start a new branch for sending notices to our leaders. All the criminals fighting elections claim the charges have been framed by the opposition. It can be an interesting study as to why only 'framed' criminals fight the elections and not the actual murderers, frauds, rapists.

The irony about this elections is most of the campaigns cutting across party lines haven't focused on good governance and development. Congress's only stand is to brand the BJP as a communal party and portray itself as the rainbow party which represents all Indians. BJP on the other hand is happy to make anti-minority statements and target the Prime Minister being the weakest in Indian history.

Much better are the regional parties, most of them want to keep equal distance from both the BJP and the Congress. They hope to provide a third alternative to the people of the country but the truth there is no end to alternatives with so many coalition partners. All of them have high aspirations as the Centre and each has its own Prime Ministerial candidate so it won't be surprising if we have Prime Ministers on a six moth term if the Third Front is voted to power.

Well for an outsider he may term it as chaos, drama or lawlessness but for us Indians its is our Lok Sabha elections.


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