Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Not so Aam Aadmi in Aam Aadmi Govt!

By: Subhadeep Bhattacharjee

The Congress won the country's mandate riding on its 'Aam Aadmi' slogan. But it seems repeated calls by the Prime Minister asking his colleagues in the government to cut down on unnecessary expanses has fallen in deaf ears. External Affairs Minister S M Krishna and MoS for External Affairs Shashi Tharoor had to be ordered by Finance Minister to vacate the Five Star Hotels they were staying in since taking over their ministries about three months ago.

The two ministers claimed that their Government houses were being renovated and thus they were staying in the luxury suits. It is just anybody's guess how Government bungalows take three months to be renovated where the occupant has to stay in a hotel. S M Krishna is staying at ITC Maurya where it is rumoured the Presidential Suit that he occupied cost more than six figures a day. His deputy Tharoor occupied at a suite in the Taj Mahal Hotel but was no deputy when it came to expenditure.

The Ministry of External Affairs issued a statement that both that SM Krishna was paying his own rent and nothing was being paid by the ministry. Does the Ministry of External Affairs expect the citizens of the country to fall for their gross lie? When was the last time we heard a minister in India footing his own bill from his own pocket? If SM Krishna was such a saint what was he doing in Indian politics, it is high time he goes back to Karnakata, stays in his home and donate all the surplus money he spends on Five Star hotel bills to charity.

Coming to Shashi Tharoor our to our 'NRI Minister' needs privacy and a gym to serve the people of this country. Privacy understood for his Twittering job but gymming why? Reducing some extra flabs that staying as ex-chequer's money might have got him. Although we always fall for accented English, these people have hardly made a difference to the nation. Mr. Tharoor has lived abroad for too long in Five Star accommodation to adjust back our desi way. He could have better served as India's envoy to one of the G-8 nations rather than sweat in the tropical weather of Delhi.

There is nothing wrong with these ministers enjoying a king size life. Historically the nobles have always lived aloof to the common masses in their grand lifestyle. Our noble politicians deserve that but why is this hypocrisy with the 'Aam Aadmi' slogan. Why is the government and the Congress party in particular trying to fool the people calling it a Aam Aadmi government. One Manmohan Singh and one Pranab Mukherjee adhering to this motto isn't enough to save the face of this government.


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