Monday, September 14, 2009

Musharraf lets out the truth!

By: Subhadeep Bhattacharjee

Pakistan used US military aid against India instead of fighting terror on Pakistan’s western borders. The aid which was provided by the US to fight the Taliban went into fortifying the borders with India.
Pakistan invested the money in developing long range missiles to fight India and not Taliban. Anybody who focuses Indo-Pak relationship won't find this revelation startling at all. But this comes straight from the horse's mouth and in this case it is none other than former Pakistani President Gen Pervez Musharraf.

Musharraf who held the command of the country from 1999 to 2007 admitted that he had violated the rules governing the use of the military aid. But not a person to miss an opportunity to glorify himself Musharraf justified his action, saying he had acted in the best interest of Pakistan. He said he did not care whether the U.S. would be angered by his disclosure.

Taking a dig at the US for the first time he said that after 9/11 American forces could have entered Pakistan to capture its nuclear assets. It was also possible that the U.S. and India could have jointly attacked the country. The question is why is Musharraf saying all these things now? How does a pro-American General suddenly turn against the Yankees? What has Musharraf to gain from this revelation at a time when his country is fighting the fundamentalists on the western front?

Firstly Musharraf has fallen away from good books of the US especially after the Obama administration took over. So siding with the US won't fetch him any goodies in the future. He is desperately trying to make a space for himself in Pakistani politics. For that he need to shed the anti-Islam image that he incurred having partnered US in the war against terror in Afghanistan. What better way to be a Pakistani nationalist than take an anti-India stance.

Stating that US military aid was used against India not only cleanses some of his anti-Islam sin but also gives him a few bonus points having taken on Pakistan's THE ENEMY. A problem with Pakistani military has been its obsession with India and the dream war against it. Musharraf is no different from the ordinary soldiers and officers in Pakistan who dream of taking over New Delhi some day. Having said that Musharraf still seems to have played quite a master stroke to pave his way back into Pakistani politics.

It is now the all powerful United States of America to decide where they want their funds to go fighting the Taliban or building minefields along the Indian border. It will be foolish to think that US wasn't aware of all these things happening but it will be interesting to see Uncle Sam's stance after Musharraf seems to have made a mockery out of them. It won't be surprising if US doubles its military aid to Pakistan after all it is one weapon through which it can neutralise India considering it fears India's economic growth.

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