Friday, September 11, 2009

China wants Indian media gagged

By: Subhadeep Bhattacharjee

As if threatening us with regular military intrusion all across the border wasn't enough the Chinese now want a gag on Indian media. In a recent news that appeared on a state-run Chinese newspaper, the officials accused the Indian media of trying to present a bleak picture of the Sino-Indian relations. The news article further went on to add that the Indian media was raising a war rhetoric and sowing the seeds of enmity between the two countries.

This piece of news comes amidst reports that the Chinese border guards intruded into Ladakh and painted boulders and rocks red there. Although China denied any such intrusion it is anybody's guess as to why would somebody paint the stones red in such a harsh terrain. Although China plays a regular cat and mouse game with India this is the first time that they have hit out at the Indian media for maligning China's image.

The reason a state-run Chinese newspaper has been able to do that is because the way our government deals with the communist nation. Too often than not Indian government has always acted spineless when it has come to China. New Delhi doesn't seem to have come out if the shock of 1962 war and is willing to take any level of breach in its security from China with folded hands. The government doesn't even raise a strong protest with Beijing forget taking any military action.

It is a well known fact that at present China is a bigger military threat than Pakistan for India and New Delhi is is no mood to have any military conflict with China. If there is a logic which says India should not go on a war with China, the same logic also says that Chinese will not want to fight a war with India. The call here is not for the Indian government to be aggressive against the Chinese but to be assertive while dealing with them.

On Chinese government official trying to gag the Indian media, well it is not surprising coming from a country where there is no 'Right to Freedom' and 'Freedom of Speech'. Chinese administration has always crushed people who have spoken out against it so they are not used to criticism. The Indian media need not give an ear to what the Chinese government say, after all it is the same government which runs tanks on its own citizen and returns the call for democracy with a 'Tiananmen Square'


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