Tuesday, September 15, 2009

India surrendering in front of China?

By: Subhadeep Bhattacharjee

It took the Indian authorities more than two weeks to reveal that that two jawans of the Indo-Tibetan Border Police, were injured in bullets fired from the Chinese side. The firing took place in an area identified as Kerang in northern Sikkim and took place a fortnight ago but the Indian authorities decided to brush it under the carpet. This incident is just another episode in China's regular intrusion into the Indian territory in the last couple of months.

This is not the first time this violation has happened it is quite a regular feature in Arunachal Pradesh over which China still lays its claims. Chinese military regularly indulges in cat and mouse games with the Indian security forces. Although we react to any action on the Indo-Pak border when it comes to the Sino-Indian border our government acts spineless and surrenders most of the time in front of the 'Red Dragon.' Indian establishment has time and again played down incidents on the Sino-India border.

The latest of China's protest comes in wake of Dalai Lama's proposed visit to Arunachal in the month of November. But this time around Indian authorities have shown some grit and are not stopping the Buddhist guru from visiting Arunachal. It may be recalled that Indian authorities had prevented him from visiting Arunachal in 2008 after China protested. Wasn't that an act of surrender where we don't allow a person who has taken refuge in India to travel freely because China opposes it?

Our obsession with the western borders with Pakistan has meant that the eastern states bordering China have been neglected. Indian authorities are aware it is at a disadvantage with China. On the border, the Chinese, with their superior road and rail networks, can actually come up to LAC and move thousands of troops in no time while it takes days for the Indian troops to get to the border. This gives them the advantage to play a hide and seek game with India.

This however should no reason for us to bow down before China. We need to protect the territorial integrity of our nation at any cost. There is a certain fear that looms over the Indian security forces what if China goes to war with India? This fear has made sure that we have always bowed down to the Chinese and never looked them into the eye. But this attitude of ours has been taken for granted in China and results are here to see.

The paranoia about the war has very little logic as fighting a war with India will cost the Chinese economy dear and which they are definitely not prepared to do. Logically China would never want India to rise and challenge its position as a future superpower and thus wants to keep India in an environment of fear. Indian government needs to be assertive if not aggressive while dealing with China or else we will have to live with the incidents we have seen in the last couple of months.


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