Friday, September 4, 2009

Being productive...

By: Reetasri Bhattacharjee

Sitting idle, browsing through the various sites is what will describe my life right now. Passing moments it indeed is. I have missed blogging and actually haven’t posted anything for quite sometime. I am very lazy…lazy to the point where I become inactive. Everyday I come up with many ideas and think I need to tell my opinion about it through this blog. But the events pass, they became stale and no one will even want to know my opinion on it from me (ok…not many read my blog, I know) and I continue to pass my days saying “kuch nahi hoga”.

When I am in a criticizing mood, I ask myself, how can anything happen when people like me exist in India. We just love complaining. Sometimes, I believe that we can live without food but not without complaining. Life’s that pathetic for us. Right now sitting here, I can come up with ten problems I am supoosedly facing, when I should be looking at the brighter side and see that I am getting the time to blog. I know what this beautiful medium is all about. I atleast know I have a platform to tell people what I feel and I don’t just need to sit and complain. I can get pro-active if only I want to. But no, I like most Indians love sitting and idly passing the days.

Everyday there are so many things that happen around us, so many things that directly or indirectly affect us. We need to form opinions and also share them with the world, specially when we are getting the chance and the platform to share it. I know and realize that I can share things and be a part of the process but no I love being complacent and satisfied.

Just another passing phase…..let that pass.

This blog has been contributed by Reetasri Bhattacharjee a dear friend of mine. She is a regular blogger on blogspot and maintains the blog My Passing Moments


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