Friday, May 28, 2010

What do Maoist sympathisers say now?

By: Subhadeep Bhattacharjee

The incidents of violence in the last two weeks in the Maoists dominated areas has had a fallout and all the liberal Maoist sympathisers seem to suddenly avoid the media. Afterall, the so called messiahs of the tribal and the poor don’t seem to be just fighting the state and it’s machinery and rather killing anybody and everybody who comes to their territory. The recent sabotage of Howrah-Kurla Lokmanya Tilak Gyaneshwari Super Deluxe Express is just another example of how big a menace the ultra-Leftist moment has become and has indeed turned out to be the single biggest threat to internal security as Prime Minister Dr. Monmahan Singh had once said.

Over the last couple of years when Maoist became the talk of the town there has been an army of their sympathisers in the civil society. These people have time and again blamed the government for the problem but not once condemned the gruesome acts that the Maoist seems to be engaging regularly. The beheading of a cop doesn’t raise alarm to these people but the arrests of a few Maoist informers seem to make them insomniac. They have time and again called these people misguided youth who have taken up arms due to under development in the region.

The second argument does hold some ground as the infamous ‘Red Corridor’ is starved of development. But the Maoists are equally to be blamed for this as their activities have prevented any sort of investment in these regions. These are murderers who want an under developed region to fuel their existence. What else would explain blowing up schools, roads, bridges, communication towers and every single hope of development? These people who are armed with sophisticated weapons have themselves become the biggest hurdle to development as they are too much indoctrinated to understand the meaning of the term development.

After the recent attack on Dantewada where civilians travelling in the bus were killed with security men Arundhuti Roy had accused the government of using civilians as shields. What would she say to the country now? Would she advice people not to travel in trains as this a symbol of the Government so any attack on the railways is justified. It would be interesting to know why people like Arundhuti Roy suddenly become silent. Why is it that after any such attack they seem to go in a hiding and not be in front of the TV cameras?

It is for the entire country to wake up and boycott such people who are supporting the Maoists against the state. Which misguided youth fires from a sophisticated AK-47? It is for people like Ms Roy to answer the nation. What would she tell the family members of those who died in this gruesome act of murder?


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