Monday, May 31, 2010

Maoist say sorry for train attack!

By: Subhadeep Bhattacharjee

It is not just the politicians in India who change colour in India, the Maoists is nor far behind. Days after it has claimed responsibility for the attack on the Gyaneswari Express Maoist leader Bapi Mahto said that his party was sorry for the attacks in which close to 150 people lost their lives. He said that they wanted to target the goods train that was coming on the adjacent track but were misinformed which has resulted in the loss of so many human lives.

Are they really feeling guilty for their act? Certainly not. The kind of anger that the people in this country now have against them after they targeted the civilians has left the Maoist worried. Also the fact that their supporters in the civil society haven’t suddenly don’t have any words to defend the so called ‘misguided youth’ is worrying the Maoists. It just wants to create a scenario for the Arundhuti Roys to fight its case in the Television studio and make the world believe that these people are fighting for the rights of the adivasis.

There have been call by some Human Rights activists to call off Operation Green Hunt and after this incident there is very little that these groups can do about calling for a ban on such operations. With the centre thinking about deploying the army in the Maoists controlled territories the Red finally seem to fear of a stronger and lethal response from the centre. All this has meant that they want to use some diversionary tactics which helps them gain some public sympathy. They have even promised not to target the railways again.

The fact is straight, in case the army is deployed in these areas the Maoists are also likely to suffer huge damages which they have escaped at the hands of the para military forces. All men fear for their lives and so do the Maoists. This fear is making them make such statements to delay the government in taking strong measures against them. If the army is given the go ahead in the operation Maoists will see their worst dream come true.

Should we fall for such a lie from these men who are ruthless and merciless when it comes to killing people? Why is it that none of the Maoist sympathisers have come out in open and criticised the incident? The government should make its stand stronger in defeating these criminals who do not want development in these areas as this is the soul cause of their existence. They are the biggest hurdle to any developmental activities in the areas dominated by them. There is no reason for them to survive in a developed Red Corridor.


SideKick June 22, 2010 at 10:05 AM  

Well Maoists were born out of politics...

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