Thursday, May 27, 2010

India should protest Canada’s moralistic bug

By: Subhadeep Bhattacharjee

Canadian government's moralistic bug resurfaced authorities refusing a visa to a retired lieutenant-general on the ground that the officer served in Kashmir and there were human rights violations by the Army in the Valley. This comes after a similar incident a few days ago when a BSF personal was denied the same as he had served in Kashmir where the free liberal thinkers in the Canadian government feels India suppresses the Kashmiris and termed the BSF as a “notoriously violent force.”

People in Canada should bless themselves that they haven’t been blessed with a territory like Kashmir where the second largest army in the world has to deploy almost half it’s active force due to the anti-India activities that goes on in the state. New Delhi should not take this lying down as the Canadian authorities have raised the issue on Indian integrity and our right to control a violent territory where our western neighbours Pakistan has been fuelling violent sentiments so called ‘jihad.’ They have also been fuelling and funding a proxy war against India for the last two decades.

Kashmir is an integral part of India and we have every right to defend every inch of our motherland. It is true that the military forces in Kashmir have been given high powers by the government but considering the violent situation in the state such powers are necessary in the state. Human rights violation is common in any territory where the security forces have to face a hostile situation day in and day out. The forces face a hostile situation due to the cross border situation where they are time and again attacked by the separatists. These people are stoned which has become a new weapon for the terrorists where ordinary people are brain washed by the terrorists to fight against the Indian state. The Human Rights organizations are used as a shield by the same separatists against the state forces.

If the Canadian authorities are so hit by the moralistic bug and talk of Human Rights what are they doing in Afghanistan as a part of the NATO forces where the US drone attacks have killed as many innocent civilians as the number of terrorists. Didn’t those people living in the Pak-Afghan border have any human rights? Or has the Canadian government turned a blind eye on these facts? Who has given the Canadian government to fight against a so called ‘war on terror’ where it is still to be proven that the Al-Qaeda and Taliban had any direct involvement in the 9/11 attacks at the World Trade Centre. What is their take on this issue? What do their forces do when attacked upon by hostile forces in such situations?

India should not take this lying down. The Home Ministry and the External Affairs Ministry should take up the issue strongly with the Canadian High Commission. Many Canadian officers and soldiers en-route to Afghanistan use the India as a transit point and all these visas issued should be scrapped off immediately should the Canadian authorities not back from such a stand. Kashmir is a internal conflict for India and the world has no right to take pot shots at our Government and it’s security forces on their methods to curb terrorism in an ‘Indian state.’


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