Monday, February 8, 2010

Rang De Basanti in Rathore's case?

By: Subhadeep Bhattacharjee

What happens when there is delay in justice, the society creates more criminals. This was proved once again today when a youth attacked former Haryana DGP SPS Rathore today in Chandigarh court premises. The 24-year-old youth was a student of National Institute of Design (NID). The youth identified as Utsav Sharma was pursuing post-graduate diploma in animation and film design from National Institute of Design and had no direct relations to the case.

The 68-year-old Rathore is accused in the molestation of Ruchika Girhotra. Rathore had molested the girl 19 years ago after which she was led to suicide after her family members were harassed by Rathore and his men when they filed a complaint with the police. Rathore also got Ruchika rusticated from her school for non-payment of fees which finally led Ruchika to the extreme step of ending her own life.

14 year old Ruchika Girhotra a budding tennis players was molested by Rathore in 1900 when he was the President of the Haryana Lawn Tennis Association. Ruchika who was initially reluctant to files a case did it after a lot of hesitation. Her entire family was harnessed by the police and her brother was arrested in some false car theft case. This compelled the family to sideline the case and subsequently led to Ruchika committing suicide in 1993.

Rathore with his political and bureaucratic influence had almost escaped punishment until there was huge hue and cry in the media which led the government to initiate re-opening of the case and also filing of fresh FIRs. Now the question arises what action does the system take against the youth who took this extreme step against Rathore? Or should the question rather be, who made the youth take such an extreme step?

Ruchika Girhotra's case is a example of how the powerful can do crime and escape punishment bending the laws. The entire police and the judiciary was found sleeping in this case involving a highly decorated cop who used and abused his position causing pain and agony to the Girhotra family. Why was the administration including the CBI sleeping over the case? Had it not been for his 'smile and wave, Rahtore could have escaped punishment.

The step taken by the youth is definitely condemnable but hasn't the state machinery failed enough in this case to even question the intent of a youth in this case. Why are people being forced to go the Rang De Basanti way to get justice. This incident should not be just seen as an isolated case but from a larger perspective of people loosing the faith in the executive and the judiciary.


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