Saturday, February 13, 2010

India and Pakistan to date again!

By: Subhadeep Bhattacharjee

Over the last few year India and Pakistan have behaved like lovers whose relationship can hit the rocks any time. Come February 25 and bot the sides will engage in secretary level talks. This will be the first since the Mumbai attacks in 2008 when Pakistan backed and trained terrorists created a carnage in Mumbai. The attack had claimed the lives of hundreds of innocent people and also some top cops of the Mumbai police.

Both the countries hope to take the Composite Dialogue Process forward in the coming months so that peace could prevail in the sub-continent. Both the sides might also talk on the Kashmir issue which has been the greatest bone of contention for the two countries over the last six decades. The US has been trying hard to get India and Pakistan on the table so that it can have more mobilisation from the Pakistani troops in the Pak-Afghan border to take on the Taliban.

Pakistan on it's part has been trying hard to draw the sympathy of the international community by claiming itself to be a victim of terror. True it may be, but the question also arises who were the perpetrators of terror in the first place? Who were the people behind arming and training people for terror activities for the last two decades first in Jammu & Kashmir and then the rest of India? Why is a Pakistan hand always behind all terror activities in India.

It is Pakistan and it's dreaded intelligence agency the ISI that has over the years controlled the terror activities in India. Although they are now facing the wrath of these murderous monsters that they have created there is not an iota of restrain in it's anti-India activities. Infiltration across the border has been high since the start of the year and ceasefire violations from the Pakistani side has been on a high. Can Pakistan explain all that?

It is a known fact that India and Pakistan have to co-exits with each other and so isolation from each other isn't a solution. But a bigger truth is there needs to be conducive environment for talks. India took a bus to Lahore it got back Kargil, it started talking it got back Parliament attack and after the composite dialogue process started it got Mumbai as a gift. Now that India wants to talk to Pakistan again let us hope the terror torn nation behaves sensibly.


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