Sunday, February 14, 2010

Let "me" Sleep

By: Ratnadeep Deb

Its 4 am.And here I sit. I sit through the cries and screams..through the shrieks and whines..and through the bigots and fagots..through the suppressed and oppressors..through the penury and the plenary..through the acerbic and sublime..through the vandalisms and the indignation...through the burnings and flames and killings..through the madness and awe. My gut's on fire.My brain's on an overdrive.And I sit.Right through it. Doing nothing.In silence.....listening to the crickets and frogs,jealous and defeated.Bowed before the 'MAN".Hope,there's hope.....someone cries out inside.What does that make me??An insomniac,a roseate optimist.....a deplorable sycophant,a sissy...or just the ideal,state-of-art common man who sits through all????

One question rings out...Why did man INVENT fairy tales??Why fantasy for the practical always inventing and thinking man.What necessitated this challenge to his manhood?Bet they weren't necessary.Still,its all flesh and blood,isn't why can't fairy tales be true.But then,ain't we flesh and blood.Or just hungry and thirsty for flesh and blood?.Why is the color of blood the most catchy and enduring;why did blood have to be of that color,the color man identifies most easily?God's honest bungling...maybe.People turn out to be blue-green color blind.But not red.Ain't red,green and blue the three essential basic colors???Why did the almighty have to leave out red from the color blindness loop???Or did god want us to spill that essential fluid and revel over it,and not miss out on the fun,the arousal,the joy... because of bullcrap COLORBLINDNESS.Why did man invent hunting as a pasttime??Would it be coz of the joyous thrill,the enigmatic libido spilt blood invokes?? We refer our genetic and genealogical comrades as BLOOD RELATIVES??What's that supposed to mean...more often den not,u dun f***in even share the same antigen but for a obscure 25-75% probability...WTF?

We never say genetically related or related by descendancy...which for that matter holds conditionless. Its always related by BLOOD..when sharing the same blood group can have as good a chance as converting a free-kick or an IIM call.Why has blood definitively been the epitome and teh pedestal on which human pedigree has flustered and relationships identified??Have we been programmed for this crazy infatuation for blood?I guess the answer's YES and hence I will no longer condemn killings,mass pogroms,homicide,fratricide or even terrorism for that matter.All performed by brethrens, an essential genetic need.Its just us, isn't it?

I sit.Still.Reclined.Nauseated.Puzzled.I sit and watch.maybe helpless..maybe not.But i sit...juxtaposed between the multiverses....swearing,abusing,slandering manhood.Shame on u Osama,go to hell Dawood,Die the thackereys,you dun deserve to live Taliban,fck u Nazis.....Alas!Besmirching humanity.I cry foul,I feel the same pangs of disdain and discomfort.In the abstract.But I sit...and sit.I sit and watch as Australians kill us for we are brown.Chinese and Pakistanis want coz we draw a line to their dissent.The maoists and naxalites want us coz we want to spend our cash,on ourselves.The Thackerey's want us coz we dun believe in regionalism nd fiefdom.I just sit and watch.

I thank god.For the earth has no heart.Its experienced in dealing with its illness..been here 4.5 billion years.Its seen a lot...meteor strikes,solar flares,acid rains,plate tectonics,continental drifts,asteroid strikes,earthquakes,volcanoes,tsunamis,hurricanes,maybe black holes,comets,novas....and it will treat itself off the human problem soon.Shrug'em off like a bag full of fleas...and gone we will be.Just like that.for the better.Until then....I wanna sleep.

Abhishek Sen is a 'Metal Fan' ever since I have known him since our childhood. He is currently working as a RJ in Shilliong and regularly posts on his blog ChaiBiskoot Tango


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