Monday, December 14, 2009

Tiger Woods would have loved to be in India

By: Subhadeep Bhattacharjee

“Just another day in the life of a tiger”
that's the tag line the Accenture ads used to come with and for the last six years the ace golfer was the face of the Global consulting, outsourcing and technology company were inseparable. But the event of the last two weeks had meant that not only has Tiger's personal life has become the most sought after gossip in the Western Media. A man who was regarded a legendary sportsman has been brought down by the paparazzi in a matter of just two weeks.

From a extra marital affair, the paparazzi made sure that Woods woke up to one new affair every morning. Although Tiger has accepted to adultery it is not quite sure how many of those stories are actually true? This particular incident once again showed how bad 'Yellow Journalism' can become. It shows the fact that in a highly developed society privacy is a rare commodity. Paparazzi stories sometimes become the USP of certain publications which from media perspective is a sad thing.

This incident had also given us a insight into the mentality of the western world. The people in the developed countries not having to worry about the basics of life are more interested in knowing about the wrongs in other people's lives. In developing countries like India. Politics, recession and weather report still matter to people as they don't have the shield against any of them. Celebrities in India might just part India's development doesn't come with the free gift of paparazzi.

It's quite a good thing that in India celebrities are still getting to enjoy a personal life of their own and not being chased by shutter bugs around the world. Indian celebrities aren't still worried about what they would read about themselves in the next morning's tabloids. There are no websites targeting particular celebrities like they have in the western media. Indian media is still by and large responsible as compared to our western counterparts.

What Tiger Woods might be wrong but the was media treated this issue was even graver. They not only blew up the issue but made sure there was very little left for Tiger Woods after the incident. With endorsement deal going always and his golf career at stake for ones Tiger would have hated being in a developed society. A third world country would have given him more space to deal with the issue in a manner he would have liked to.


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