Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Netas run short of attendance!

By: Subhadeep Bhattacharjee

Indian Parliament has become used to seeing lows than highs in the last two decades. If screaming, mud slinging and indecent behaviour wasn't enough our Netas seem to be busy perfecting a new art that of 'Mass Bunking.' Lok Sabha speaker Meira Kumar resembled a frustrated teacher when she called out the names of 34 MPs who had submitted questions for the question hour and all of them were found to be absent. The event was so frustrating that the Speaker adjourned the House and later regretted the absence of such a large number of members.

Now lets imagine what explanation could our Netas give for falling short of attendance. Some would definitely had got a very important call from their Parliamentary constituencies. Some would have been reading in the Parliament library adding some more value to their intellect. The blame could also go on Mamata Banerjee as the menu in the Parliament canteen is said to have bettered ever since the new government took charge. Since IRCTC maintains the canteen and a good menu might have lead more to wastage of business hours, Mamata might have to take a share blame!

Meira Kumari has planned to call for an all party meeting and asked for answers from her disobedient MPs. One could be to get a leave application from their parents or local guardians. It will be easiest for Varun Gandhi to do so as mummy is always around. Another could be to say that parents/guardians are 'out of station.' The Parliamentary Affairs Ministry could introduce a 'roll call' system for our Netas and Meira Kumar will have to do the honours not once by twice in a day even if she doesn't like it. If these Netas still fall short of attendance they shouldn't be allowed to sit for the next exam oops! Lok Sabha polls.

But hang on, isn't it unfair on our part to expect our Netas to sit in the Parliament obediently considering many of them would have never done it in their entire lives. Many of our Netas never went to the middle school and those who reached the college would have only enrolled their names and been active only in political parties. So, intellect and obedience are too much to expect from most of our elected representatives. There are many Netas who open their mouth once in five years and during the tenure of a house occupy back benches and remain silent.

Why are we making a fuss about these MPs missing. The parliament runs because a handful of our leaders take part in debates. The rest fill the 535 benches as they don't have what it takes to be in a Parliament. What is so bad even if these brainless souls stay out of the house at least there is less chance of the house getting disrupted. Well, Meira Kumari might just need a stick in her hand alas corporal punishment has been banned in India.


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