Thursday, December 3, 2009

Obama sings Bush's war song

By: Subhadeep Bhattacharjee

There was a certain section of American society which believed Barack Obama would undo some of the mistakes done by his predecessor George W Bush and bring back American soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan. But now it seems Uncle Sam is going the same way as Bush did and deploying 30000 more troops in war torn Afghanistan. Somebody rightly said American foreign policy remains the same irrespective of who resides at the White House.

In his speech Obama said that being the commander in chief is calling for more troop deployment as it was in America's national interests (wonder which part of the world doesn't fall under America's national interest). He also promised that within 18 months American our troops will start to go back home. The only deviation that Obama has made from Bush was to set a deadline for troop pull-out. This is less to do with his foreign policy and more to with his oratory skills.

In the eight years since the United States began bombing Afghanistan in retaliation for the attacks of 9/11 perpetrated by Osama bin Laden more than 1,500 men and women of the coalition forces, mostly American, have given their lives to help create a stable, friendly government there. Now Obama is no mood to continue with two fronts in Afghanistan and Iraq especially Afghanistan as America sees not much economic benefits there.

If anybody though America was planning to stay in Afghanistan longer and thus was deploying the troops, than they are grossly mistaken. America is desperate to leave Afghanistan and wants to create a terror free time window to excuse itself from the terror hot bed. It has given up on the hope of capturing Osama bin Laden and trying him the way it tried Saddam Hussain. The increase in the number of troops is to create a temporarily peacefully Afghanistan to pave a way for America's burst escape.

The only bone of contention for America lies in the fact that Pakistan is collapsing as a state and America cannot deny its contribution to the lawlessness. It hit a bee hive and things went horribly wrong , Pakistan no longer seems to be under control of Islamabad. What makes situation scary for America is Pakistan is a nuclear state and in case its nuclear arsenal falls in the hands of the fundamentalist America would be chosen as a target over India!

For now, the American game plan is simple escape Afghanistan as soon as a possible and let the region boil and burn much like the way they did after the 1989 pull out of the Soviet army. Eight years of Hamid Karzai government hasn't really been able to take over from the Taliban and it not being backed by US Troops only signals a doomsday situation. In all this the biggest victims would be countries like India which will have to directly bear the brunt of terrorism. Had Mr Bush nit made that famous on-liner “We are at war” and launched 'war on terror' the world might have been a safer place.


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