Friday, December 11, 2009

KCR falls into Congress' trap

By: Subhadeep Bhattacharjee

The announcement of resolution for state of Telengana in the Andhra Pradesh Assembly on Wednesday night brought cheers in the among the Telengana Rastriya Samiti supporters and made sure that TRS chief K Chandrasekhar Rao broke his fast unto death after 11 days. Chidambaram's announcement after the Cabinet meeting chaired by the Prime Minister himself ensured that KCR broke his fast and relieved the centre and the State of a huge embarrassment.

At dawn the situation turned completely different and ensured that TRS supporters had celebrated much in advance and Telengana dream was a long way to go. Leaders from the coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema region started a campaign of mass resignation making KCR's moment look a thing of the past. With a new problem in place the Union Government has now decided to go slow on the creation of a separate state of Telengana.

Congress might have again played a political master-stroke on the issue. It's announcement made sure that KCR stop his game of blackmail after having tasted defeat in the Assembly and Lok Sabha Polls. KCR even if he sits for a second fast won't be able to garner the same attention and moreover there might be counter fast for a united Andhra. KCR has played into the hands of the Congress again as like he had done before the 2004 Lok Sabha polls.

K Chandrasekhar Rao is not a mass leader and his 11 day tryst might go down as the biggest achievement of his political career. He lost the plot but believing in the Congress party's promise. It may not be a surprise if the mass resignation by the Congress MLAs was a pre planned action by the party to counter KCR's rising popularity. Politically KCR has very little chance of flexing his muscles politically in the State Assembly having only 12 seats in the 293 member house.

What ever the strategy of the Congress party is it is to be appreciated as giving away Telengana would have resulted unrest in the entire country. Gorkhaland, Bundelkhand, Bhojpur, Saurastha, Harit Pradesh, Mithilanchal, Greater Cooch Behar, Vidarbha, Bodoland, Maru Pradesh, Karbi Anglong, Garoland and Coorg already in demand, Telengana's statehood would lead to complete chaos in the country.

In the end KCR might emerge as a hero among the people of the Telengana region but he is yet to become a smart politician.


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