Sunday, August 30, 2009

My country needs a leader

By: Arnab Deb

India has found and lost many great leaders. We had our moments of gusto when we became independent in the year 1947 and our moments of grief when the partition took place along with independence. We rejoiced when we won the battles with Pakistan, and time of sorrow when the country went broke in the early 90s’. We didn’t lose hope even when recession went atrocious over the world economy and subsequently over our country too. Well it is the spirit of India the never dying attitude which always fights back even when up against high tides.

We have a proud feeling in calling ourselves an “INDIAN”. Many great people have made this country proud, right from the time of Swami Vivekananda, Ramanujam, Aryabhatta, APJ Abdul kalam, Rabindranath Tagore, C V Raman, J C Bose, Amartya sen, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi and many more the list is endless. They were great, legends, though among them many still live, others are in heart of the millions of Indian, or lost amidst history books. India was always and is regarded as a country of hope, diversity, miraculous faith and above all “culture”. A country which even though regarded highly among countries as the future supreme power has not done much to live upto its potential.

We had everything on which a country can flourish and grow. We were the only country to gain complete Independence. We were unlike many countries that came out of colonial Raj; we had our own leaders our own administration above all a belief that we can sustain ourselves. After many years of Independence now the question that arises is where is the country which our leaders dreamed of the golden bird or “sone ki chidiya” as it is always called. Where did we go wrong? Or rather what went wrong? There may be many reasons like many say the long term planning, we made plans without proper thinking or resources, not allowing the economy to breathe freely, too much intervention of government over all issues and departments. Maybe too many states also created the problem, too much of diversity was again a problem. India as a country never existed we only came together to gain independence from British, may be that was also a reason, one particular community always has to say something about the other, how the latter is better than the former, we still fight among ourselves, forgetting how the outsiders like British and the Mughals took advantage of this very fact. Way too many “maybes”. But the result we still have not been to the point where we should have been by now. I wont say we didn’t develop but it has taken too much of a time to reach this point, which we should have reached by 80’s.

Looking back at the country’s development it is quite clear whatever development has taken place it has taken place in last one and half decade. Before that there was almost no development. India’s political situation is very unusual; some states have political parties which have been there for 4 decades now. Even though the states are not developing its amazing how they are able to regain there position after every election. Though India is said to be democratic but we seldom get to see democracy. Law and order only exists in paper, in name of basic amenities we get broken roads, no water, no proper power, no proper education and above all no shelter or food. Government is there for the rich as everyone say and to some extent it is the truth. With half the country below poverty line the truth becomes quite more visible as days go by.
Once Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose said “one individual may die for an idea; but that idea will, after his death, incarnate itself in a thousand lives, that is how the wheel of evolution moves on and the idea and dreams of one nation are bequeathed to the next”. It seems we are running out of ideas. The spirit of India died along with independence. Indians are highly regarded in there I Q level, we are very smart, our average intelligence is much higher than the smartest people worldwide. Where has the smartness taken us? The countries we compare with on terms of intelligence are the super powers now. It seems like we never lived upto our potential or we never believed in ourselves. Once Hitler said “a country believes in development when the people of that country start believing in the country”. Our country cannot develop until and unless we believe we can develop.

After centuries of struggle when we regained independence it seems thereafter we ran out of idea of how to proceed. This is due to leadership. We got leaders who were either dreamers or didn’t have the belief in them to run a country. Like getting married is not a big issue the bigger issue is to carry it on. That’s why in my opinion a leader is the most important thing for a country. That’s why we choose one. He should be person whom others can look upto, believe in him believe in oneself. We hardly got any leaders after independence, it seems we lost too many before that. What made Mahatma Gandhi so special that he could get all the people together for a cause or Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose? Leader shouldn’t be some one who forces his belief on every one rather he makes everyone believe on his belief.

With our country being exposed to global countries it’s a inherent need that we don’t loose our culture and by culture I don’t mean all the superstition we have been petting for so many years now, because that is not a part of our culture. A society should be let free only when they know about their responsibility. We are producing a race that doesn’t care about the country, its people. In name of development we are becoming victims of immature modernization. From fighting with neighbors we have now started fighting ourselves both dynamically and geographically. In name of modernization our government has created a generation who are always drunk or sedated, careless about their future or countries. It is very well said that “there wont have been any problem in the world if everyone mind their own business”. The talents that are being created in this country are working for other counties. Whose loss is this? But it is not their fault, the country’s leader have not created enough example to look after. No role model, no LEADERS. This generation is not being bought up teaching about their country and its greatness rather watching shows like Roadies. We need to find a leader who can motivate them to come out of that world and start believing and feeling for the country.

Its been many centuries that fights have been carried out on the name of religion. People have to be made understood “that country is where your heart is”. Stop fighting over petty issues. Religion cannot give you shelter, food or life. A country can, so stop doing what our ancestors have been doing and fight for a better cause, the cause of building a nation so great that we no longer would need to look upto other countries for their mercy rather than that show compassion to all other countries who share the same fate like India right now. Time we need a leader who can take this country out of mess and show the world that we are the “golden bird” country.

This blog has been contributed by my childhood friend (langotia yaar) Arnab Deb. He is currently working as a CDM & Carbon Trading Executive with ENERGY INFRATECH PVT. LTD. in New Delhi.


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