Thursday, August 6, 2009

Justice after six years?

By: Subhadeep Bhattacharjee

There is a famous saying “justice delayed is justice denied” but when it come to the Indian criminal justice system we find solace in “better late than never.” After six long years of wait the friends and family members of people killed and injured in the 2003 Mumbai blasts have something to cheer about. Finally the court has delivered justice in the six year old case case involving the twin blasts that shook the city August 25, 2003.

The POTA court has awarded death sentence to the three accused Haneef Sayyed, his wife Fahmeeda and Ashrat Ansari under the charges of murder and criminal conspiracy. The blasts at Gateway of India and Zaveri Bazzar had left 52 people killed and many more injured. The court termed the case as the rarest of rare case and declined to show any mercy towards Fahmeeda considering she was a women and a mother.

Although justice has been delivered in the case but the question is isn't six years too long for justice to be delivered in such a high profile case? Are our laws and justice system outdated to deal with the modern threat of terrorism? Doesn't such delays in court proceedings encourage our enemies to fight a proxy war against us? Don't we add to the pain and agony of a victim's family with such delays in judgement?

Another high profile case involving Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab the lone terrorist involved in the 26/11 Mumbai attacks is going on. The case is turning into a mockery of sorts as Kasab is making a fool out of our justice system. He is using the courtroom as a propaganda office for himself. During intense moments in his case he smiles and makes fun of the entire case. Will it take another six years to deliver justice in this case too?

It is a well known fact that Indian justice system is one of the fairest in the world. As they say we are happy to let 100 criminal go then prosecute an innocent man. But this stand of ours has become the biggest weakness when it comes to our justice system. There are millions of cases pending in our courts due to this weakness in our system. Our system encourage cases to drag rather than come to a logical conclusion.


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