Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pakistan falls victim to terror again

By: Subhadeep Bhattacharjee

As we rejoice the success of biggest democratic elections the world has ever seen the attack in Lahore reminds us of the kind of volatile neighbourhood we are in. Pakistan has become a victim of its home grown terror. The terrorist outfits it had nurtured over the years to fight against India and create tension in Afghanistan has turned into a Frankenstein's Monster for it. The war lords no longer take commands from Islamabad in fact dreams of running over it.

Many in India might feel Pakistan is getting what it deserves. After all a country which has waged a proxy war against us for over two decades is finally facing the music. Pakistan which supported terror outfits in Kashmir and elsewhere now cannot handle the monster it created. But a war torn Pakistan is never good for out growth as they say we cannot choose our neighbours. If Pakistan is run-over by Taliban their next target will definitely be India.

Pakistan alone is not to be blamed for creation of the Taliban or the Al Qaeda. The United States and Saudi Arabia are as much responsible for creation of these organizations as Pakistan is. If Pakistan nurtured them the arms came from the United States while Saudi Arabia always pitched in with the money needed to run these organizations. Initially they fought the Soviet invasion in Afghanistan and then turned their guns towards India once Soviet army withdrew from Afghanistan.

The 9/11 attacks on America meant that the entire geo-political equation of the region was changed. US taking on the Taliban and the Al Qaeda meant flirting with a beehive. The US might have scored initial victories by dismantling certain amount of terror infrastructure in Afghanistan but it created more volatility in the region when these terrorists sneaked into Pakistan and blended among the tribals of North West Pakistan.

As America tries to create an escape route for itself out of the region, it is Pakistan which is bleeding the most and posing a serious threat to India. There are chances that the Pakistani Army and the government may be run over within a few years. Although there is some ease in the tension along the Indo-Pak border due to the epicentre of the war being on Pakistan's North West, India cannot afford to relax as the Taliban is now at a striking distance from Indian border.

India should actively help Pakistan in its fight against the Taliban as it will be for our own safety in Indo-Pak border. It is any day be easier easier for India to talk with a civilian or a military government in Pakistan than to have a bilateral discussion with Taliban war lords.


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