Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Obama's tightens screws on Pakistan

If Barack Obama's inaugural speech is anything to go by Pakistan might not have it easy dealing with the 44th President of the United States of America. Obama clearly said that Pakistan will be responsible for the security along its Afghan border. For long Pakistan has tried to portray itself as a victim of terror and supported terrorist activities in India and Afghanistan.

This will bring in some relief for New Delhi as US policy on Pakistan can make a huge difference in the geo-political situation in the Indian sub-continent. After the recent terror attack in Mumbai US has has championed Indian cause and constantly kept pressure on Pakistan to take action against the perpetrators of terror operating from within its territory.

Since September 11 2001 US has given Pakistan a whopping sum of 7.5 billion dollars to fight the war against terror. The global community is aware of the fact that a huge chunk of this money has been diverted to purchase military equipment to be used against India. In spite of being aware of this US hasn't been able to do much as Pakistan is a key ally in the war against the Taliban and Al Qaida

Barack Obama has however had made his policy clear right from the start that US will pull out of Iraq and take on the terrorists in Afghanistan. He had even gone on to say that if needed US forces might conduct operations inside the Pakistani territory. He is also planning to send 30000 more troops to Afghanistan after they pull out of Iraq.

Obama is aware of the fact that the tribal areas of Pakistan is where most of the terror leaders run their campaign. Unless these areas are sanitised sending more forces to Afghanistan will be of little help. Its an uphill task for the US President to make sure that nuclear armed Pakistan does not become its enemy from ally in this process of fighting the “War on Terror”


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