Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Aussies can be defeated!

If the last six months of international cricket is anything to go by Australia have lost their invincible tag. South Africa's Test and ODI series victory in Australia has been a great blow to Aussie cricketing pride. There was a time not too long ago when teams would turn up for a match against Australia already having accepted defeat in their minds. This had led to most of Test and ODI series in the last decade involving the kangaroos as one sided affairs.

Such was the Aussie domination that they were the finalists on the last four editions of the World Cup winning three on a trot. They hold a distinction of not loosing even a single match in the last two editions of the World Cup. Even in 'whites' (read test cricket) the Aussies were a force to reckon with and most teams would be served innings defeats and series white washes when they toured the country 'Down Under'.

Not anymore, with the retirement of quality players such as Shane Warne, Glen McGrath, Adam Gilchrist and most recently Matthew Hayden the kangaroos look a good team but surely not an 'invincible' one. Another thing which is hurting the Aussies is their ageing side . They are today one of the oldest sides in the world compared to South Africa and India which relatively have young and fresh legs.

Another significant thing that is likely to happen with the decline of the Aussies is that sledging and abusing might come down. The kangaroos had brought the game to disrepute by time and again getting involved in sledging. Their regular victories had made them so arrogant that they could not appreciate good performance from the opposition. Critic might argue other teams also sledge but the question why is Australia always part of all the sledging controversies and who started this trend in cricket?

World cricket is finally seems balanced with India, Australia and South Africa being head to head against each other. Sri Lanka, Pakistan and New Zealand forming the second bunch in the list. Aussie decline might be good to cricket as a single country domination is never good for the promotion of a game.


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